How To Use STARZ App For Xbox? (2 Methods)

starz app for xbox
starz app for xbox

STARZ is the ultimate platform for entertainment lovers because it’s loaded with hit movies as well as exclusive originals that aren’t available on other streaming platforms.

This is a premium satellite TV and cable network, which is a perfect option for people who want access to a wide range of entertainment content.

In addition to the TV channel, there is a STARZ app for Xbox, which makes it easier for users to stream on their favorite platform without changing the platforms!

How To Use STARZ App For Xbox?

STARZ app is available on Xbox One, which allows the users to watch the live streaming services as well as on-demand services. To use STARZ on Xbox, follow the below-mentioned instructions;

  • First of all, you’ve to sign up for the STARZ app and subscribe to a monthly plan
  • Once you have a STARZ account, open the Xbox screen and go to the home screen
  • Open the app store and type STARZ in the search bar
  • When the STARZ app appears on the results page, press the install button
  • Once the app is installed, use your STARZ credentials to sign in, and you will be able to start streaming

On the other hand, if Xbox is asking you to activate STARZ on the streaming platform, you can follow these steps;

  • Open the STARZ app on the Xbox
  • Check the activation code of STARZ
  • Now, open or tap on the “activate device” to start the activation process
  • Access the activation portal on STARZ
  • Add the activation code and tap on the submit button
  • When the on-screen prompts show up, follow them, and the STARZ app will be activated for your streaming

Benefits Of Using STARZ App On Xbox

When you use the STARZ app on Xbox, you don’t have to worry about shifting between the user profiles because there is only one account that you can use.

Also, once you have installed the STARZ app on Xbox, you can install the app on another device and use it for streaming (you can use the app on two devices at once).

The best thing about the STARZ app on Xbox is that you can download an entire library for offline use, and you have the option to authorize around four devices for download at a time.

You can control the STARZ app with the help of an Xbox controller – you can use it to pause, fast-forward, and rewind.


With Xbox One, you also have the option to add media achievements to the collection. In addition, Xbox OneGuide will help you access the top hit channels.

As far as the app availability is concerned, the STARZ app is only available on Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

STARZ App Not Working On Xbox

In most cases, the STARZ app doesn’t respond on the Xbox if you don’t activate the app properly. However, if you activated the app but it’s still not working, follow the below-mentioned solutions;

  1. Check The Xbox

First of all, you have to make sure that you are using a supported Xbox version. This is because the STARZ app only works on Xbox 360 and Xbox One for now.

So, if you are using any previous Xbox model, you won’t be able to access STARZ unless you upgrade the Xbox.

  1. Power Cycle

If you are using a supported Xbox model, but the STARZ app is still not working, we recommend that you power cycle your Xbox.

power cycle or reboot your equipment

This is because when you constantly game and stream on Xbox, the games and apps won’t load properly because the system is stressed.

For this reason, we recommend that you turn off your Xbox gaming console for ten seconds and turn it back on. When the green light turns on, try to stream the STARZ app again.

  1. Xbox Network

In some cases, the Xbox won’t be able to support the STARZ app because its network is down. To check the network status, open the Microsoft Xbox Network Status page.

If the service is down, you have to wait for the company to resolve the backend glitches and resume the network services.

The Bottom Line

On a concluding note, the availability of the STARZ app on Xbox is a great relief for entertainment-loving people. So, are you ready to sign up and stream your favorite content?

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