4 Quick Fixes For Starlink Router Red Light

Starlink Router Red Light
Starlink Router Red Light

Starlink is one of the best satellite internet connections and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it’s a blessing for people living in rural areas as there are no other wireless internet services available. The wireless connection is provided with a Starlink router. Just like other routers, the Starlink router also has LED indicators that indicate the network status. So, let’s see what the red light means!

Red Light On Starlink Router Fix

The LED indicators on a router show information about the network connection. However, when the light becomes red, it simply means that the router is offline and the Starlink internet is not working. As a result, the devices will be connected to the internet but the internet won’t work. So, let’s see how you can get rid of this red light!

  1. Power Cycle

First of all, you should try to refresh the internet signals because it has a higher potential of resolving internet issues. In simpler words, you have to disconnect your router from the power connection and turn it on after five to ten minutes. During these five to ten minutes, the power will be discharged and the minor configuration errors will be deleted (these configuration errors can cause internet issues). When the router turns on, wait for two to three minutes to ensure it boots up properly and try using the internet. Also, when you power-cycle the router, make sure that all the cables and wires are tightly connected to their respective ports.

  1. Weather

Since Starlink is a satellite internet, the weather conditions can directly impact the signal reception and distribution. So, if the weather is bad (rain, wind, or clouds), the internet won’t work. This is because the dish receives the internet signals from the satellite, and when the weather is bad, the signal reception is impacted, which results in loss of internet. In case the weather is bad and the router has a red light, you have to wait for the weather to clear up.

  1. Internet Plan

There are two Starlink internet plans, including a residential plan and an RV plan. It’s common for users to opt for the RV plan because it has less waiting time. However, the RV plan has only 25Mbps speed which reduces to 5Mbps to 7Mbps during peak hours. So, if you have subscribed to the RV plan and there are peak hours (7:00 PM to 10:00 PM), the only choice is to wait. The long-term solution is to cancel the RV plan subscription and opt for a residential plan as it promises over 250Mbps speed.

  1. Network Outage

If you have already subscribed to the residential internet plan but there is still red light on the router, it’s likely that the Starlink network is down. For this purpose, you can call Starlink’s customer support team or check their social media handles to gain information about the network servers. If the servers are down, the Starlink team is likely to restore the connection within a few hours, so just wait.

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