How To Change Starlink Change Wi-Fi Password? (6 Easy Steps)

starlink change wifi password
starlink change wifi password

Starlink is a reliable wireless internet connection available for people living in remote and rural parts of the country. The internet connections are secured with the help of a password to make sure no unauthorized person can connect to the internet and consume your internet package. Similarly, it is recommended that you change the Wi-Fi password regularly to make sure the internet connection is secured and someone cannot access the connection without your permission. So, with this article, we are sharing how to change the password!

How To Change Starlink Change Wi-Fi Password?

Changing The Wi-Fi Password

Changing the Wi-Fi password is important to secure your internet connection. With a Starlink internet connection, you can follow the below-mentioned instructions to change the password;

  1. First of all, you have to connect your device to the Starlink internet connection
  2. Open the internet browser and use the default IP address of the router to access the login page
  3. When the login page appears on the screen, use the account credentials to sign in to the router
  4. Once you are signed into the Starlink account, open the settings, and go to the Wi-Fi configuration
  5. From the Wi-Fi configuration, you can change the network username as well as the password
  6. Once you add a new password, press the save button, and the password will be changed

Keep in mind that once the password is changed, you will be disconnected from the Wi-Fi connection on all devices, which means you have to sign in again with the new password. In fact, you can also call the Starlink team to change the password on your behalf.

As far as the new password is concerned, you have to ensure that it’s at least twelve characters long, as longer passwords are difficult to hack. In addition to making the password longer, you have to make sure that the password is a combination of lowercase and uppercase alphabets, symbols, and numbers. On top of everything, you must not use your personal details as passwords as they are easy to guess.

Importance Of Changing The Password

Now that you have changed the password on the Starlink connection and you have information about making a strong password, it’s important to understand the importance of changing the password on the Starlink Wi-Fi connection. So, let’s check out the reasons;

  1. The Default Password Is Known By Everyone

It doesn’t matter which internet service provider you have selected; you need to understand that the default password is known to everyone, including the hackers (yes, we are talking about “admin”). So, when you don’t change the password, it means that anyone will be able to connect to your Wi-Fi, which not only negatively impacts the network security but also consumes more bandwidth, resulting in a slow connection.

  1. Unwanted Access

It’s common for everyone in the family to have access to the password. However, if you keep using the default password, unauthorized people will be able to connect to the internet and use the internet. Having said that, they will consume the allocated data, which means you will have to purchase the internet plan again.

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