4 Quick Solutions To Google Mesh Wi-Fi Blinking Red

google mesh wifi blinking red
google mesh wifi blinking red

Google Mesh Wi-Fi is a perfect choice for offices and bigger homes as it helps create a mesh network and provides network support to over 200 devices at one time. In addition to exceptional network support, it also has a very sleek design, which goes well with the home aesthetics. However, if the mesh Wi-Fi router has a blinking red light, it surely indicates an issue. So, with this article, we are sharing the meaning of this blinking red light and what can be done about it!

Fixing Google Mesh Wi-Fi Blinking Red:

Blinking Red Light – The Meaning

The blinking red light on the Google Mesh Wi-Fi point means that something is wrong with the Wi-Fi point. As a result, the internet will not work and the devices will have trouble connecting to the wireless network. So, if your Google mesh has the same issue, let’s see which solutions you can try!

  1. Wait

First of all, if the light has just started to blink red, we recommend that you wait a bit before you start the troubleshooting process. This is because the light might blink red when the mesh system is going through the firmware upgrade. If that’s the case, the light will become green after a few minutes (a few minutes is all it takes to complete the firmware upgrade). However, if the blinking red light doesn’t stop after a few minutes, check the following points.

  1. Connections

The second solution is that you have to check all the cables and connectors because bad connections can trigger the blinking red light issue. In case the cables and connectors are damaged, they should be replaced to make sure the signal transmission is optimized. However, before you replace the connectors and cables, we recommend that you disconnect them and reconnect them tightly to ensure a secure connection. Last but not least, you have to ensure that the connectors and cables are connected to the correct ports.

  1. Power Strip Or Surge Protector

It’s needless to say that Google Mesh Wi-Fi is an electronic device and needs a reliable electrical connection to power up and create a wireless connection. However, if the red light is blinking, there are chances that the Wi-Fi device is not connected to a reliable power source. In particular, you should disconnect the device from surge protectors or power strips to make sure the power connection is not hindered. In particular, the device should be connected directly to the power socket.

  1. Reboot

Another solution that you can try to turn the blinking red light into green light is to reboot the device. This is because minor Wi-Fi issues can be resolved with the help of a reboot. The reboot process is extremely simple because all you’ve to do is to disconnect the Wi-Fi device from the power source and leave it out for a few minutes. Then, reconnect the power cord to the power outlet and wait for it to boot up and the Wi-Fi should start working.

If nothing works, the last option is to factory reset the Google device!

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