Spectrum Throttling Youtube: 5 Ways To Fix

spectrum throttling youtube
spectrum throttling youtube

The robust and uninterrupted internet connections have become a necessity, and people are constantly in search of such internet services. So, people tend to use high-end services, and Spectrum is one of them. However, people have been identifying the Spectrum throttling issues while using YouTube and other services. That’s why we have added everything you need to know about Spectrum throttling in this article!

Throttling By ISP – What Is It?

Believe it or not, ISP throttling is a genuine thing, and internet service providers are using throttling all over the world. That’s because the ISPs will limit internet bandwidth. The common reasons involve minimizing internet congestion and regulation of network traffic. There are chances that ISP will throttle the entire traffic or throttle the high internet consumption sites, such as YouTube and Netflix, along with torrent sites.

The ISP throttling means that the ISP has slowed down the internet connection for specific services and websites. When the ISP has implemented throttling, there are chances that you are experiencing slow speed for YouTube videos. Also, the videos might not load, and Netflix will keep on buffering. The download and upload speeds will be slow even if you are exchanging information.

However, it is always advised that you are sure about it. That’s because the slow internet connection can be caused by other reasons as well.

Spectrum Throttling Youtube

Testing The ISP Throttling

If you’ve been experiencing slow internet speed and you think internet throttling might be the issue. So, you can check the throttling through different checks, such as;

Check The Contract

This is the first and foremost step to check the contract with the internet service provider. You can ask your ISP for a copy of the contract if you don’t have it on you. The contract will tell you that the minimum and maximum speed limit or traffic percentage for a month. Once the limit is crossed, the internet will be throttled.

Speed Tests

You can check the internet speed by running the online speed test. Compare the internet speed shown by the online speed test to the internet speed outlined in the contract. You need to run the tests on the computer that’s connected to the router through Ethernet cable. However, if you use Wi-Fi, the router performance and distance will be the contributing factors.

Contact Your ISP

If your internet speed is lower than as mentioned in the contract, you need to contact your internet service providers as well. This is because they will be able to tell the issue, such as router outage, physical connection issues, or the over-utilization of the internet limit.

Internet Health Test

You can run the internet health test by Battle. You will be able to check the internet connection and outline if there are interconnection issues. This is because internet service providers tend to throttle internet performance at specific points. The internet health test will check different routes and detect the performance as well.

There are multiple internet health tests available; some of them are paid, while some are available for free. People have been using Glasnost for this purpose, but it has been discontinued. So, if there is a significant change in speed, internet throttling has been implemented by the ISP.

Internet Plan

So, your internet has been throttled by the internet service provider once you’ve reached internet consumption and traffic limit. In this queue, you need to upgrade the internet plan with higher internet consumption limits to meet your preferences.

Which Websites Are Throttled?

There are different types of websites that can be throttled by internet service providers. For the HD video, Hulu, Twitch, Netflix, and YouTube are throttled. Also, BitTorrent, RDP, and Usenet are throttled for the file-sharing apps. Besides, Fortnite, League of Legends, and WoW are throttled in the gaming niche. In addition to the websites, the operating systems are impacted by the operating system as well.

The operating systems like Android, IOS, Windows, and Apple can be impacted by throttling, leading to lower performance metrics. The topping point is that mobile data can be throttled as well because cellular network providers go through bandwidth issues.

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