Spectrum Charter Is Selling Services In Walmart Stores

selling spectrum in walmart
selling spectrum in walmart

Spectrum is a broadband service, popularly known for its fast internet services, cable, and TV services. Coming to the term, Spectrum or Charter Spectrum is a trading name for Charter Communications which is a well-known telecommunication company in the USA.

Charter Spectrum is devoted to market consumer cable television, various internet services, and plans, telephones, and other wireless services. All of these services are given by the company itself. These Spectrum services are also selling at Walmart. Let us give you in-depth visions of these two customer-oriented companies.

What is Walmart? 

Walmart is a well-known American multinational retail corporation. At the instant, this retail corporation is operating a bulky chain of hypermarkets, discounted department stores, conventional stores along with the grocery stores. Walmart has headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas.

Just like Spectrum Charter, Walmart is all devoted to serving its customers with the best possible services and goods.

What Is Spectrum:

The combined company for Spectrum is Charter Communications. While the Charter company markets its services under the branding of Spectrum. As we have already discussed it out, Spectrum has tons of services to offer to its customers. From portable TV devices to wireless internet devices, Spectrum is doing exceptionally great to assist its customers and value their money.

From the perspective of customer care; Spectrum and Walmart are identically doing great. More than half the population of American retailing is done and dusted by Walmart. A piece of good news states that Walmart is also selling the Spectrum services which makes these two highly familiar.

Selling Charter Spectrum In Walmart

Charter Spectrum has planned to sell digital cable, high-speed Internet, and telephone services in more than 700 Walmart stores which roughly covers 93% of Charter’s territory. St. Louis, Missouri once announced that they would make their Charter services available to consumers 700+ Walmart stores which were great news for both the customers of Walmart and Spectrum.

According to the CEOs of both the Spectrum Charter and Walmart, they have two giant names in the market that tend to bring value to the customers. Moreover, Walmart customers would be having the sheer convenience of signing up for the Spectrum Charter Bundle of services. These services comprise of high-speed Internet, and telephone to Spectrum’s home appliances.

When it comes to bringing two big companies together, customers are the first ones to benefit their needs endlessly. As Walmart stores are located almost in each corner of the state, the customers are free to shop for their services from anyone.

This scheme is likely to bring awareness about various services as well. For example, many consumers are quite unaware at the time they buy an HDTV that a high-definition source is required as well to recognize its full high-definition experience. When it comes to resolving this awareness issue, the Spectrum Charter can be used as a great source to fill the product offering. It is speculated by one of the critics too.

Spectrum Charter Cable Services:

Spectrum Charter digital cable makes a huge and vast array of almost all the existing advanced services. These services have complied with (DVR) digital video recording, (VOD) video on demand, as well as the (HD) high definition.

Spectrum Charter high-speed Internet is least available with the speeds 10 Mbps and it goes all the way to 1000 Mbps or even more. The routers/modems are available in many of the markets that Walmart serves.

You have the leverage of a separate Spectrum modem as well. Now the customers don’t have to rush for getting the separate modem or router as they can easily avail it in Walmart stores.

The best thing is no additional charges for the customers opting for Spectrum services via the Walmart stores.


Spectrum selling its services in Walmart has added much value to their customers’ experience and convenience. Upon completing the Wal-Mart roll-out, Spectrum Charter has a strong technological presence in more than 1000 national retailing stores as well as Spectrum Charter-owned sales and their service centers.

Therefore, we can say that customers from both sides have perks. However, by now we assume that there would be a lot more than 700 Walmart stores selling Spectrum services.

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