3 Ways To Deal With Spectrum Error DVS-1001

spectrum error dvs-1001
spectrum error dvs-1001

Spectrum has gained popularity among people who need internet and entertainment options in one place. This is because the company offers an amazing range of internet bundles and entertainment packages. However, there is a fair share of error codes associated with Spectrum, and Spectrum error DVS-1001 is one of the issues. There are various solutions that you can try, such as;

Spectrum Error DVS-1001

1. Delete The App

To begin with, this is the descriptive video service error, and it tends to come up on the screen whenever you are streaming videos. With this error code, the video will pause whenever you are playing the video. In addition, the dialogues will start breaking. In the majority of cases, the error code appears when you are using the Spectrum app. The first solution is to delete your Spectrum app from your smartphone.

Once the app is deleted from your smartphone, you have to switch off the smartphone and wait for some time. For instance, you could switch off the smartphone for three to five minutes, and after this time, you need to switch it back on and then re-install the Spectrum app. When the app is pre-installed on your smartphone, try streaming the content again.

2. Reboot The Smartphone

If you don’t want to delete the app and want a quick fix, you could try rebooting your smartphone. This is because rebooting is enough to clear cache from your handset and streamline the streaming issue on your Spectrum app. While rebooting, it is better to keep the smartphone switched off for over ten minutes because it helps clear the history and eliminate minor problems.

3. Channel Width

Channel width is one of the most important settings, but hardly anyone pays attention to it, and many of them don’t know that it’s linked to the internet. So, if you are using Spectrum with Wi-Fi, you have to set the channel width to 80 Mhz in case you are using the 5G connection or use 4Mhz if you are connected to a 2G connection.

4. Bypass The Modem

The majority of people are using Wi-Fi, but it can often lead to signal disruption, which could be the reason behind the error. For this reason, we suggest that you try streaming on the TV, and if the error persists, you should bypass the modem and router and connect the internet wire directly to the TV. It will help create a direct connection with the TV without any disturbing Wi-Fi signals, so try this out and see if it resolves your issue.

5. Reset

If you are using the Spectrum cable box and are experiencing the error code, we suggest that you reset this cable box. While the cable box can be reset from the settings/menu, there are times when you cannot use those settings. For this purpose, you can take help from the manual settings. For a manual reset, you can press and hold the power button for a few minutes or just look for the circular button on the cable box’s front. All in all, once the reset is complete, we are sure the error code will be cleared.

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