Sony Dash Not Working: 6 Ways To Fix

sony dash not working
sony dash not working

Sony has been one of the popular choices for whenever people needed to play games (yes, the Xbox is designed by Sony). Similarly, Sony launched Dash could be used for listening to music and browsing the internet, but it’s not a portable design.

However, Sony Dash not working can impact the performance. So, let’s check out the troubleshooting methods!

Sony Dash Not Working

1) Cables

We have already mentioned that Sony Dash is not a portable device which means it uses a power cable to work. Similarly, if the cable isn’t working, it will stop the functionality of Sony Dash as well. For this reason, if the Sony Dash is not working, you must check the power cable and make sure it’s not damaged.

The damages to the power cable will impact the transmission of power signals. It’s best to use the multimeter to check the continuity of power signals. If the issues are found out, you can change the power cable, and Sony Dash will work!

2) Voltage

If the power cables aren’t damaged and are working fine, there are chances of voltage issues. The power voltage needed by Sony Dash is AC 120V to make sure it powers up and working fine. That being said, just check the voltage on your power board.

If the power voltage is less than 120V, Sony Dash will not work. If this is the case, you have to wait while the power is streamlined. Some people wonder about the battery, but it’s only there for clock backup.

3) VPN Service

It’s evident that Sony Dash can be used for browsing the internet. However, it’s important to know that Sony Dash doesn’t work well with VPN. For this reason, you have to switch off the VPN service and try again. That being said, once the VPN service is disabled, Song Dash will work fine. Also, even the paid VPNs don’t work!

4) Firmware

The firmware is important for functioning the Sony Dash, and it will directly influence the functionality. In case the firmware on Sony Dash isn’t updated, the performance will be impacted.

In some cases, Sony Dash will stop working. That being said, you need to update the firmware on Sony Dash, and we are pretty sure it will work better. While you are at updating the firmware, try to configure the correct settings as well.

5) Display

If you are saying that Sony Dash isn’t working because the display isn’t working, there are higher chances that the display has malfunctioned. In this case, you must get in touch with the technician because repairing the display on your own isn’t possible. Once the display is repaired, Sony Dash will start lighting up and will work.

6) Customer Support

In case you have tried everything from this article and the Sony Dash is still not working, you can call Sony customer support. Sony has active online chat support, so kindly get in touch with them. We are saying this because customer support can provide the troubleshooting methods. In some cases, they can also provide technical help!

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