3 Ways To Fix Sony X900C Light Bleed

sony x900c light bleed fix
sony x900c light bleed fix

It has recently happened with some of the Sony users while watching their Sony X900c TV that their TV backlight started bleeding. It is one of the most frustrating things, and it hurts even more when you are watching dark-themed video content: if you are also going through such a condition, this article is written for you.

Sony X900C Light Bleed Fix

What Is Light Bleed?

In today’s world, almost all of the TV are available in 4k video quality. The thing about them is they come up with an LCD with a LED panel at the back of it. It helps the TV to perform well. Sometimes, the LED panel starts to bleed its light from the corner of the TV screen.

The bleeding is of two kinds. When you’re watching TV in a dark environment, and you witness bleeding. The other is when you feel the bleeding in a bright room: this is something annoying. To fix this issue, below are mentioned some of the most useful methods.

1. Panel Is Not Attached Properly, Or It Is Faulty

If we talk about the Sony official representatives, they say that the bleeding is fine as you use a high precision TV. The thing behind the backlight bleed is that the panel is not attached well or there is a fault in the TV panel. If this is the case, then what you can do is calling a TV expert to resolve this issue. It will help you to overcome the problem.

2. Change Picture Mode Or Choose A Different Scene

If you feel that the issue is not so big and the bleeding is not visible during the daytime or in bright conditions, then what you will be doing is changing the picture settings. Sony TV comes up with various picture settings where you can change the picture’s type and resolution. Try this method, and you will probably get rid of the backlight issue.

3. Claim The Warranty

In some cases, you will be facing the backlight bleed issue while the TV is on the warranty. It is something that may help you to avail a new TV set by spending nothing. You need to claim the warranty, and the company is liable to replace your TV with a new one, or they will help you repair it.


In the above-written draft, we have provided you with some of the most useful solutions to overcome the light bleeding issue in your Sony X900c. The article will help you to overcome the issue to the fullest. You only need to give this article a good read, and it will help you resolve all of your problems.

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