7 Ways To Fix Sony Blu-ray Player Slow Netflix

sony blu ray player netflix slow
sony blu ray player netflix slow

Sony is famous for various video players and Blu-ray is one of them. It ensures premium sound quality and has a high-definition resolution. This is why people love watching Netflix on it but the Sony Blu-ray player Netflix slow issue can be pretty frustrating. In the section below, we are sharing the troubleshooting methods to help you out!

How To Fix Sony Blu-ray Player Slow Netflix

1. Reboot

This might be the oldest technique out there because it resolved a variety of issues. Similarly, you can try rebooting the Blu-ray player and it will resolve the slow Netflix issue. For this purpose, just switch off the Blu-ray player and restart it after some time. Keep in mind that the Blu-ray player stream Netflix through a secondary server which often leads to adverse video streaming and performance.

2. Ethernet

When you struggle with a slow Netflix issue on a Sony Blu-ray player, the internet connection will matter a great deal. The experts suggest that you connect a Blu-ray player with an ethernet cable. This is because the wireless connections are vulnerable to wireless interferences. With this being said, you need to connect the Blu-ray player with an ethernet cable and it will fix the slow Netflix issue.

3. Network Reboot

The network reboot is suggested for people who need to fix the slow Netflix issue. For this purpose, you need to power cycle the network by taking off the power cord from the devices. You need to switch off the router and wait for around ten minutes. Then, you need to reboot the TV and Blu-ray and connect to the internet again. As a result, the Netflix slow error will be fixed.

4. Internet Connection

When there is a slow connection issue with Netflix, the users need to check that the Blu-ray player is connected to the internet. You need to ensure that the player is connected to the internet because only then it will allow Netflix streaming. In addition to connecting the Blur-ray player to the internet, the users must ensure that the internet connection is properly working and has a high-speed internet connection. We suggest that you look for the Netflix internet speed prerequisites and make sure that the connected internet is delivering the preferred speed.

5. Updates

For the users who need to fix the slow Netflix issue with the Sony Blu-ray player, they need to check the updates. To be precise, we are talking about the system updates on the Blu-ray player and Netflix app as well. In case you need to check for the updates, open the Sony website and look for the Blu-ray player system update. If the system update is available, download it on the player and the Netflix issue will be resolved. However, if downloading the system update doesn’t work, you need to update the Netflix app and it will fix the slow issue. As far as system updates are concerned, the updates are available on the model support page, so check there.

6. Factory Reset

The Sony Blu-ray players are designed to offer streamlined Netflix streaming. It can be fixed by factory resetting the Blu-ray player. For this purpose, you can factory reset the Blu-ray player through the hidden service menu. This service menu is available at the front panel, so factory reset the player and the slow Netflix error will be fixed. In case you don’t know how to factory reset the Sony Blu-ray player, follow the below-mentioned steps;

  • Launch the player in the safe mode and connect the remote controller
  • Press the PS button on the remote controller
  • Choose the reset default settings option and the reset will initiate
  • As a result, connect the Blu-ray player with a Wi-Fi connection and the slow Netflix issue will be resolved

7. DNS Settings

If the Netflix slow issue hasn’t gone away even after a factory reset, there are chances of incorrect or incompliant DNS settings. For changing the DNS settings, choose the custom option from the setup internet connection tab on the player. Then, open the DNS settings from Wi-Fi and hit the manual button. Now, you need to set the primary DNS to while the secondary DNS should be set to Also, all other features must be set to automatic and Netflix will start working.

In case these troubleshooting methods don’t resolve the slow Netflix issue, you can contact Netflix customer support and they will be able to offer assistance!

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