Does WPS Slow Down Internet? (Answered)

Does WPS Slow Down InternetIn this world of high-speed telecommunication services and most advanced wireless technologies, speedy internet connection is a must to have a thing for people. No matter what you do and who you are, if you use the internet, you must have a desire to have the fastest working internet connection at your service.

But if you’re a WPS user and you’re experiencing speed issues with your internet, a question must have crossed your minds multiple times that “Does WPS slows down the internet?” To answer this question of yours, we’re going to explain to you what WPS is and in what ways, does it affects your internet.

What is WPS exactly?

WPS, a short term for Wi-Fi Protected Setup is a standard security system that was designed to provide privacy and security to users who demand and value these features more than anything. It allows you to easily establish a much more private and secure network connection to the internet so that you can feel safe and comfortable with your internet.

How does WPS work?

WPS works manually by a network name chosen by the user. If you’re using WPS, it will require you to manually select an SSID, network name, along with a password. Now, you will have to configure this ID password with both the client as well as its access point. This way your wireless network gets a unique ID of your choice protected by a password that belongs only to you. Nobody other than you can access your wireless internet connection unless you tell them your ID and password. Once after configuration, WPS will no longer need you to insert the ID password again instead it will be automatically connected to your respective devices.

Misconceptions About WPS

You must have heard from people asking “Does WPS slow down the internet?” No, It is a common misconception about WPS that it slows down your internet connection. WPS is a setup made to protect your wireless connection but it has nothing to do with the speed of your internet. If you’re experiencing slow speed with your internet connection when visiting different sites and browsing different webpages, your internet might be solely responsible for the bad or weak connection.

WPS Related Issues

WPS is an effective setup that protects your wireless internet connection yet it comes with some downsides as well. The problems that you have to face while using WPS is mostly related to the password, also known as the PIN, that you set on your network ID. The PIN or password selected by people is mostly related to something valuable or something which is very dear to them. As for the snooping hackers, this is just like a cherry on top.

Such passwords are easily hackable be they are very easy to guess which is why WPS is often called an insecure and useless tool if you’re trying to keep your connection private. Plus when a hacker hacks your WPS, it gets access to not only your internet but also your home Wi-Fi router that links all your devices with the internet.

How Does WPS Slow Down Internet?

However, there is a way in which WPS can affect the speed of your wireless internet connection. WPS, when hacked, gives the hacker or that malicious software full access to your internet connection. So no matter what the PIN or password protection you’re using, the hacker can easily be able to pass through that.

Whenever your WPS password is hacked by someone, the hacker gets to enjoy your wireless internet connection whenever he likes for whatever purposes. This causes huge network traffic on your wireless connection that results in interference in your signal connection and your internet faces problems to provide you with the same fast speed.


Does WPS slow down the internet? Well, now you have your answer with proper detail and reasoning. WPS alone might not be responsible for your internet speed issues but it basically depends upon the level of your PIN protection. The stronger PINs prevent your connection from being hacked.

It is not the WPS that causes your internet to slow down but mainly the hacker’s traffic on your wireless network. So you can’t wholly blame WPS if you’re experiencing slow internet speeds.

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