7 Ways To Fix And Boost Slow Speed Internet On Mobile

boost mobile slow internet fix
boost mobile slow internet fix

Being an active internet user, you must have come across situations where you wanted something done but your internet’s slow speed doesn’t allow you to proceed with your task. A small task that could be completed in minutes takes all day long and your progress gets a backseat. All because of slow internet speeds. Like everything else, the slow speed internet issues can also be solved if you follow some simple instructions. Here’s what you can do to Boost Mobile slow internet fix.

Troubleshooting And Boost Mobile Slow Speed Internet

We have come up with 7 easy ways in which you can fix your slow working internet connection and get better and faster speeds on your mobile.

  1. Wi-Fi Proximity

The distance between your internet router and your mobile device greatly affects your internet speed. Always stay in close proximity to your internet modem or home Wi-Fi router while using the internet on your mobile. This way there will be minimum interference and you might be able to get better internet speed on your mobile.

  1. Router’s Position

Your internet router’s position also plays a very important role in affecting your internet speed. If your Wi-Fi router is stationed in a packed room full of many things, your internet signals will face great interference on their way to reach your device. Avoid placing the router in closets, packed rooms, behind walls, or covered areas. Place your internet router in an open area like your balcony, garden, or living room, from where it can provide better coverage to all other Wi-Fi devices including your mobile, laptop, tablet, computer, etc.

  1. Limit The Devices

Another solution to minimize the slow speed issues of your internet is to lessen the load of devices. When several different devices are all connected to the internet simultaneously at once, your internet bandwidth is distributed among all of them equally. This way you are left with only a fraction of that internet speed which is provided by your ISP to you in your internet subscription plan. Limit the number of devices that are allowed to connect to the internet at the same time. Disconnect all other devices to get better internet speeds on your mobile device.

  1. Avoid Signal Interference

All the household items in your home cause interference in transferring your internet signals from your router to your mobile devices. This includes your home furniture, wooden doors, and various electrical appliances. Put them all as far from your router as possible to get an uninterrupted internet connection with much better fast working speeds. This way you can prevent the internet signals from getting interrupted and facing any obstacles.

  1. Network Cards and Public Wi-Fi

Most people use different network cards or Open Public Wi-Fi to access Internet service. Where the network card only provides a very limited amount of internet data, public Wi-Fi poses various security threats to your mobile device. Avoid using Public Wi-Fi no matter where you are. It provides a very un-secure internet connection with the worst kind of internet speeds. Instead of using network cards and public Wi-Fi, you can buy an internet USB dongle which is very easy to carry and can also provide better internet speeds.

  1. Get Service Alerts

You should always stay on high alert from your internet service providers about their activities. It is possible that the speed issues you’re facing might be the result of some developmental or constructive work that is being gone on in your local area. Contact your internet service provider and get details if this happens. Better be informed than sorry.

  1. Clean Your Device

It is very important to keep your device clean of all the useless data. Some corrupted system files can also cause your device to work slow which might look like an internet speed issue but it is all because your device might be infected with a virus program.


This is how you can boost mobile slow Internet fix and solve your speed issues. If your device is misbehaving, try restarting or rebooting your mobile device. This also helps to refresh the internet connection and speeds up the services. You can also try upgrading your device system to eliminate any malware programs.

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