4 Approaches To Stop SMS Notification When Mailbox is Full

sms notification when mailbox is full
sms notification when mailbox is full

SMS is truly a convenient form of communication among the user base. This is because one doesn’t even need an internet connection to send a message. However, the SMS system is often limited by the mailbox as the SMS doesn’t fall through when the mailbox is full. So, if you are not getting the SMS notification when the mailbox is full, there are some solutions that you can try!

Stop SMS Notification When Mailbox is Full

1. Delete Stuff

To begin with, you need to clear the mailbox to make sure there is enough space to let the SMS notifications and messages pass through. Deleting the messages from the mailbox depends on which smartphone you are using and the network service you are using. So, just clear the mailbox.

For the most part, people need to press 1 for deleting the voicemails from the mailbox. However, many people have complained that pressing 1 doesn’t help delete the voicemail. If you want to delete the voicemail without listening to the message, you can try pressing 77. On the other hand, when the messages are done playing, pressing 7 would help.

2. Delete The Message App

In case you are using a third-party message app rather than the default app, it could lead to issues in voicemails as well as the notifications related to the SMS. Having said that, there are various things that you can try for such messaging apps, such as;

  • First of all, you need to delete the cache for that app. For this app, open the settings on your smartphone, go to the app section, and open the messaging app. When the message app tab is open, just clear the data and cache to make sure the performance is optimized
  • The second step is to update the third-party message app that you are using. For this purpose, open the app store on the smartphone and open the installed app menu. From this tab, you will be able to see if the messaging app has an update available. If there is an update available, download it and then try using the mailbox
  • If these steps don’t work out for you, the only option is to delete the third-party message app because it might be interfering with the system. So, once you delete the third-party app, just use the default app, and we are sure the SMS will pass through

3. Reboot

Another solution to your problem is rebooting the smartphone. This is because there are times when minor software configurations disturb the functionality of the mailbox. To reboot the smartphone, you need to switch off the phone and wait for two minutes before you switch it on. When the smartphone is switched on, you can try using the mailbox again.

4. Call Customer Support

The last option is to call the customer support of the SIM that you are using. This is because there could be something wrong with the service rather than the smartphone. In addition, customer support will share the troubleshooting guide with you for resolving the SMS and mailbox issues.

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