US Cellular Text Messages Not Being Received: 6 Fixes

us cellular text messages not being received
us cellular text messages not being received

US Cellular is an apt choice for people who need network services because they have various plans available. These plans will ensure that there is something for everyone. However, US Cellular text messages not being received error can be frustrating. This is because text messages have become an easier way of communicating. However, we have the easy fixes mentioned in this article!

US Cellular Text Messages Not Being Received

1) Contact

For the most part, this is the easiest way of fixing the message receiving issue. The contact issue is pretty serious and that might be why you are unable to receive the text messages. For this purpose, you need to delete the contact number and save it again (don’t forget to write down the contact number if you don’t remember it).

In addition to deleting and re-saving the contact number, you must ensure that you haven’t blocked their contact number. That’s because if you’ve blocked someone, you will not be able to receive messages from them. So, check the blocked list and unblock them.

2) Reception

In some cases, you are unable to receive the text messages on your smartphone with US Cellular because there is insufficient reception. It’s best to look at the number of signal bars on the top of the mobile phone screen. If the signal bars are less than two, the reception will be impacted and you will not be able to receive the message. All in all, you could try stepping out of your room or wherever you are to receive better signals.

3) Airplane Mode

Sometimes, users accidentally switch on airplane mode without realizing and that’s why they don’t receive the text messages. For this purpose, kindly check the smartphone and disable the airplane mode. On the contrary, if the airplane mode is already disabled, we suggest that you toggle the airplane mode. This is because toggling the airplane mode will refresh the signals, and text messages will be streamlined.

4) Reboot

When it comes down to the people who are still unable to receive the text messages, you could try rebooting the smartphone. This is because reboot can resolve the issues even if you haven’t diagnosed them yet. So, reboot the smartphone and it will refresh the signals. Also, it will install the much-needed software updates that could be impacting the messaging features.

5) Software

We know that you want to blame US Cellular for being unable to receive the text messages but it can be because of software issues as well. It doesn’t matter if you are using an Android or iOS smartphone, you need to download the latest software to ensure all the features work properly. Once the software is downloaded, it will streamline the messaging features.

6) Cache

We are pretty sure that you would be using the default messaging app of your phone to access the text messages. On the contrary, when there is too much cache in the messaging app, the text message feature will not work optimally. So, just open the settings from your smartphone and delete cache from the messages app. As a result, the unable to receive text messages issue will be resolved.

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