8 Ways To Fix Slow Internet On A Simple Mobile

simple mobile slow internet
simple mobile slow internet

Faster internet connection has become the need of the hour because every little activity starts and ends with internet connectivity. However, with higher user consumption, the speeds are lagging down but this is a temporary case. But there are times when the internet just doesn’t work, even after several hours and days.

With this higher demand, the cellular service providers have started offering the data packages and Simple Mobile is one of them. Still, there have been multiple complaints regarding slow internet connection. For everyone with Simple Mobile and a slow internet connection, this article is the perfect place. We have outlined a wide range of troubleshooting tips and methods to help sort the internet issue.

Ways To Fix Slow Internet On A Simple Mobile

1. Restart The Phone

This might be too obvious and cliché but believe us, it works most of the time. When you restart the phone, it will enhance the cellular data speed. However, this trick works If you haven’t restarted it recently. The restarting is pretty simple because all you need to do is push the power button and click on the restart option from the pop-ups.

2. Locations Matter

Whenever you are experiencing slow internet speed, there are high chances your area has slow internet coverage. In addition, there can be other issues such as network congestion, irregular weather conditions, and solar activities. However, the location and building play an integral role. For instance, you might be in a remote area where there is a huge number of mountains and hills.

These natural components can be the barriers and disrupt the internet signal transmission. Also, there might be multiple buildings around that can lead to slow data. So, it is advised to go to open areas, such as roof, terrace, and lawn to enjoy better signal strength. This isn’t always easy but works great for troubleshooting.

3. Apps Might Be The Culprit

If you’re a heavy app on your phone, there are high stakes that it’s eating up the internet speed and signals. So, you need to wear the investigation cap to see if an app is really hogging the internet. If you find the app, you need to disable the app’s access to the internet from the settings.

On the contrary, if the app isn’t in use, you can uninstall the app as it’s the safer option. In addition, if the internet speed is slow on particular apps, check for the updates in Play Store as it adversely impacts the internet speed.

4. Low Data Mode

Be it the iOS phones or the Android ones, there are low data modes as they reduce the data consumption. In the majority of cases, low data mode is used by people with limited data plans. So, you need to disable the low data mode. Once you’ve completed the task, you can turn the low data mode again.

5. Don’t Use VPNs

VPNs are majorly used to ensure higher security standards but if you are connected to the remote servers, the internet speed can slow down.

So, if you’ve connected your device to VPN, disconnect the device and there will be a robust improvement in the internet connection. Also, if you use effective and reputable VPN services, you might not struggle with internet issues.

6. Network Issues

Simple Mobile has sworn for reliability and uninterrupted internet connection but the outages are inevitable. These outages will result in lost connections and speed reduction. So, it is advised to check for network outages with the company. You can also use the third-party website to see if your cellular network is working effectively. Some companies tend to notify the users through Twitter, so don’t forget to check there.

7. Reset

With slow internet issues, you can always reset the network settings. This is because sometimes, the details aren’t on-point that can adversely impact the internet signals and strength. By resetting the internet settings, you will change the settings to default and it will optimize the connections.

8. Add The APN

If you haven’t added the right Simple Mobile APN settings on your mobile phone, the internet will not work. There are chances that internet signals are available but are too slow to work. So, just try to find the right APN settings from the official website and watch the internet speed spike up!

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