Commit_Leases: Unable To Commit: No Space Left On Device (3 Fixes)

commit_leases: unable to commit: no space left on device
commit_leases: unable to commit: no space left on device

The use of the internet has become essential nowadays. This is because it provides users with tons of benefits that will keep help them out with their work. You should note that even businesses have switched to using the internet in their workspace. This is mostly due to the speed they can finish their work. Though, to keep a check over all of the devices in your office, the user has to set up a LAN configuration.

These are amazing to use and allow you to control all the computers connected to the network. However, some people have reported getting an error when trying to use their service. This is shown as ‘commit_leases: unable to commit: no space left on device’. Considering this, we will be using this article to provide you with some steps that should help in fixing this.

Commit_Leases: Unable To Commit: No Space Left On Device

  1. Reboot Your Service

The error message you are currently receiving means that that your device is having trouble trying to use DHCP. This can be due to several configuration problems which is why it can take you a lot of time to pin down the issue.

Usually, if the error is not with your setup then your network might be having trouble trying to reach all the devices. This is exactly why you can try rebooting your service. This will close down your network and then start it again which should remove any problems with it.

You can access your service settings from your system tab. The option to reboot your network should also be present here. Though, keep in mind that you should close down your important tabs before rebooting the service as all of your devices can shut down.

  1. Configuration Error

Most LAN networks require you to follow specific instructions to set them up. If you have not followed these carefully then that might be why you are getting this problem. The most common thing that people forget to change is the number of devices that can connect to their network.

You can configure these from your router’s settings. Make sure that you have a set maximum value to be around the total number of devices you use. This is because allowing too many systems to be connected to your network will slow down the connection and give you errors like this.

  1. Reset Router

Sometimes the problem can be from your router instead of the network you are using. This is quite common as most of your devices are connected to your router which can cause it to run into errors. While you can try power cycling the device to see if that fixes your issue.

Usually, it is required that you reset the router instead. Though, keep in mind that this will delete all of your configuration settings, which you will then have to set up again from scratch. Considering this, it is recommended that you make a backup file of your configurations to revert them in case of any other error.

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