Serial vs Ethernet: What’s The Difference?

serial vs ethernet
serial vs ethernet

Communications through multiple devices has become a necessity for everyone these days. There are several communication mediums and protocols that are being used out there. The variety of choices allows a person to choose the right thing that will suit their needs perfectly.

Rather it be communication for personal reasons, entertainment, or simply business. There are different needs attached to it. That is why, you cannot afford to get something that might not be suitable for you.

There are basically two main communication interfaces, or protocols that are serial or ethernet. Both of them are highly efficient and that is why you might get a bit skeptical about choosing the right one among them.

There are certain differences between the technologies used for each communication protocol as well that you will have to consider. It wouldn’t be that easy to compare them with a brief overview.

Yet, some salient features that will help you understand the major differences between both of them, and can help you go through the choice are:

Serial vs Ethernet


In the world of communication or data transmission, serial is the term used for a network or process that is used to send one bit of data at a certain time. The serial communication is only sequential and all the bits of data are being transferred systematically, one-by-one.

Basically, Serial interface or serial link encodes the bits of a binary number location on a wire and then the data is being transmitted over the cable in the form of binary signals bit by bit. You need to understand that the Serial interface can only be used for one-way communication.

That means, either the data is being sent or received at a certain time. You cannot expect to send and receive the data at the same time if you are using the Serial Interface for networking.

This is a sort of outdated technology that is still being used for a wide range of applications where sending the larger amounts of data or the speed is not a major concern and they are looking for something basic that can get the job done for them securely and without having any problems.

That is why, if you are looking for the internet, or sending large files from one place to another, serial communication might be the slowest solution that you can possibly get your hands on. The reason is pretty obvious as one bit only is sent at a certain time.


It doesn’t get any better than the ethernet when it comes to connecting the devices over a LAN or WAN network. Ethernet has tons of perks attached to it, that would make it the perfect choice for anyone who is looking to get something that is reliable, secure and fast all at the same time.

Ethernet is basically a set of multiple cables that are used for uplink and downlinks at the same time. That would mean you can easily use Ethernet for sending and receiving the data at the same time. Ethernet has become the most widely used protocol of communication ever since its release back in 1980. There are a set of rules and protocols that are to be followed on the ethernet at all costs.

All that makes it highly reliable and that is why, ethernet is being used for a wide range of applications, unless it is critically important to take care of the privacy over something that is highly classified.

Ethernet has got a list of advantages that includes relatively lower costs than other communication protocols. It also got backward compatibility, so if you have some serial communication devices, it can work with them as well. Moving forward, the ethernet is resistant to noise due to good infrastructure on the cables.

This will help you get a stable experience for your networking and you will be enjoying a better experience with no interruptions in the connection. Another perk that you will be getting on the ethernet is about speed.

Due to multiple uplinks and downlink channels, you will be having the perfect speed experience that is comparatively higher than any other networking channel. Data security is also highly considered and firewalls can be used pretty easily on the ethernet.

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