Yellow vs Blue Ethernet Cable: What’s The Difference?

yellow vs blue ethernet cable
yellow vs blue ethernet cable

If you want to have an internet connection at your home. Then the first thing that you will have to do is contact an ISP from your area. They should then be able to provide you with several packages that you can choose from. These usually contain what the specifications for your internet will be. Which includes their speeds as well as the overall bandwidth on them.

You can also ask your ISP to give you detailed information about these packages so that it can be easier for you to understand them. After you are done with getting an internet connection set up at your house.

You can then proceed to connect this to your other devices and systems through a wired connection or wireless. Talking about this, people might sometimes wonder what the different colors of ethernet wires mean. This is why we will be using this article to provide you with a comparison between yellow and blue ethernet cables.

Yellow vs Blue Ethernet Cable

Yellow Ethernet Cable

Ethernet cables are the most commonly used networking wires to connect your system to the internet. You can even use these to set up a LAN system which can then be controlled from a single system. While the wires were originally designed to provide users with the ability to connect their devices to the internet. You can now use them for several other reasons as well. These include transferring your data and files through them as well as charging specific systems.

Another difference between these wires is the maximum rate of power that can be supplied through them. Considering this, it can get really difficult to differentiate these wires. Some of them have a higher transfer rate than the others and some have additional features which the others do not have.  This is why manufacturers have started to design these wires in different colors. This makes it easier for people to tell them apart.

Although, you should note that the color on these wires can sometimes mean different stuff depending on which brand you go for. This is why it is better that you go through all the specifications of these wires instead of choosing them by looking at their colors. The yellow ethernet cables are generally used to provide users with the ability to use a connection known as POE.

This means ‘power over the internet’, the current for these wires is higher than usual ones which make them great to power up networking devices. The standard value for current supplied by them is constantly at a rate of 30W, so it is better that you use them for devices that can support them. Connecting them to a device that can not hold a current value of this caliber might damage them instead of getting them to work.

Blue Ethernet Cable

Just like yellow ethernet cables, the colors on them do not usually mean anything specific. You can mostly get these wires from different brands that can be of the same color but their features will be different. Considering this, while there might be no major differences between these ethernet wires. The main purpose of blue ethernet cables was originally to connect your system to a terminal.

The terminal could then be connected to a complete server using LAN networking. Which allows for a complete LAN system that can be controlled through a single system or device. All the data between them is then shared and you can even transfer the files between them almost instantly.

The best thing about these cables was that users could even connect the system without even using a modem. This means that if you knew how to configure the settings for your networking software then servers could be made without having to get access to additional hardware.

This was quite amazing but with time, files have now started to take much more space than they used to. This means that you can no longer connect these systems if the applications that you will use require a lot of information to be transferred. Although, if you are still interested then you can easily give it a chance. These cables are quite cheap and you can even buy them in bulk without having to spend much.

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