Second Router vs WiFi Extender: What’s The Difference?

second router vs wifi extender
second router vs wifi extender

Using the internet at your home feels like a blessing. There are two different ways that you can use to connect your devices to the internet. One of these is done by using an ethernet cable. The second is known as a wireless connection. You can easily access your network if your devices allow using Wi-Fi services. Though, you should note that sometimes people get problems with their signals being too low.

If you are also getting this issue then you can go for two options. One of them requires you to install a second router while the other is installing a Wi-Fi Extender. Many companies manufacture these devices, though, sometimes people can get confused between them. We will be using this article to provide you with information about both of these devices. So, that it can be easier for you to select one.

Second Router vs WiFi Extender

Second Router

Routers are devices that you connect directly with your modem. These will then require you to set up the configuration files. The process for it can be a little complicated for some people. Though, you should note that the procedure for different companies is different. Most of these come with a manual provided that you can use. This will help you in configuring the system so that it can be easier for you.

After the files have been set up, the user will notice that the signals coming from their modem are now being spread out even further. Usually, some companies manufacture modems that come with a router pre-installed in them. If you want to increase the range for your signals even further then you will have to install a second router to the network. The setup process is the same but you should keep in mind that these routers require you to use an ethernet cable.

Considering this, if you want to use lots of routers at your home then all of these will have to be routed through wires. The main benefit of using these devices is the signal strength they provide. As well as the quality of speed that you can get. While the devices are almost the same size as a standard modem, the speed from them should be almost the same as using a wired connection. Although, as the user moves away from the range and the signals get weaker, you will notice that your internet speed also falls.

Wi-Fi Extender

Wi-Fi Extenders are another option that you can go for. These work almost the same as amplifiers used in stereo systems. The current in them coming from the power supply is used to increase both the range and strength of your Wi-Fi signal. Aside from this, an extender is equipped with two antennas. One of these is used to spread the signals from your modem. While the second one is used to catch signals from the internet connection.

The best thing about these devices is their size. These are compact and can be plugged directly into your outlet. You will then be able to connect the device with your internet through the WPS button. Some extenders might even have alternate options that can be used. Once these are set up the signals will be amplified through them. Another great thing about these devices is the encryption systems on them. These give you the same security that you would get on a modem or router. Aside from this, their setup process is notably easier than routers.

However, the speed and range you will get can be a little low. You should also check the position for these extenders. Make sure that you plug the device in an optimal spot. This will ensure that it catches on to signals easily and you will also get the best range all over your house. In the end, both routers and extenders do the same thing. This is exactly why it depends on your preferences. If you want the setup to look clean then you can go for an extender. These require no wires and are extremely small in size. Though, if you are more concerned about getting a better speed. Then installing a second router in your house should be the best option for you.

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