Sanyo TV Keeps Disconnecting From WiFi: 3 Fixes

sanyo tv keeps disconnecting from wifi
sanyo tv keeps disconnecting from wifi

Sanyo TV is a new brand that has recently been emerging. They have quite a lineup to choose from. Out of which some of their products are focused on serving premium devices. While most of them are manufactured for users who are on a tight budget. The company was founded back in 1947 and has been providing devices ever since.

All the panels used in their televisions are IPS which ensures that you get the best possible colors for your videos and channels. There are tons more features that you can get on these products but there are also some issues that need to be addressed. One of these is that the Sanyo TV keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi for some people. If you are one of these then this article should help you out in getting rid of this issue.

Sanyo TV Keeps Disconnecting From WiFi

  1. Check Internet Connection

The first thing that you should check is your internet connection. This is because most problems with the Wi-Fi are usually from your ISP instead of the television. You can test the speed of your connection by using a speed test online. Many trusted websites can be visited for it. You can even mark them in your tab to keep them saved.

Alternatively, another option for the user can be that they install an application on their mobile phone for this. You can then run it to see what speeds you are getting. If these are slower than the package you have subscribed to. Then move closer to the device to see if that fixed the problem. If it did then you can move your router closer to your television to get rid of this issue.

  1. Contact ISP (Only for internet connection problem)

If moving closer to the router still gave you slow speed then your ISP is having problems from their backend. Contact them through their online portal or by making a call to the helpline number. Notify them about your error and give them detailed information about it.

This will ensure that the company can check what is causing this and provide you with a solution. In some cases, the user will have to upgrade the current internet package they were using. While selecting a new service make sure that the speed and bandwidth you choose are much higher than your previous one.

  1. Disconnect Other Devices

Sometimes the problem can be that there are a lot of people in your home who use the same internet connection. All of these will start to slow down the speed of your device for everyone. One method to fix this is by removing some of the devices that are not in use.

This will increase the bandwidth of your connection and should fix the issue. If you cannot remove additional devices for some reason then another thing that you can do is getting a separate connection for your television. This will ensure that the signal strength and speed your system gets is strong. You can even try limiting the bandwidth for your other devices if your router has this feature enabled on it.

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