Sceptre TV Keeps Disconnecting From WiFi: 3 Fixes

sceptre tv keeps disconnecting from wifi
sceptre tv keeps disconnecting from wifi

Sceptre is a new company that has recently been launched. Though their products have been amazing and the brand has caught up with others. The best thing about choosing their devices over others is the price for these products. Sceptre aims on providing people with televisions that are on a tight budget. These also have numerous features implemented into their systems.

If you are interested in these then you can go straight to their website to check out their lineups. They have all the information required provided next to their systems. However, you should note that some users have reported that the Sceptre TV keeps disconnecting from their Wi-Fi.

This might happen to you as well, which is why we will be using this article to provide you with some simple steps to fix it.

Sceptre TV Keeps Disconnecting From WiFi

  1. Check Position of Router

Usually, if you notice problems with your internet connection then the error can be from your router. These are the devices that spread out the signals for you. If you have placed it further away from your television then the signal strength will be really weak. This can easily get cut off in between and your device will disconnect.

You can first try removing anything that is between these two devices to ensure that the signals are not getting blocked. If the problem persists then it is recommended that you change the position of your device. Connect it closer to the television which will ensure that you do not get this problem again. Also, keep in mind that the device should be in a spot where there are not too many objects around it.

  1. Reset Router and Television

If you have been using your devices for quite some time now. Then it is important to note that these store up data on their memory. This slows down the device and can even cause errors at times. This is exactly why you should power cycle them. Though, if that does not work out for you. Then another thing that you can try is to reset your devices.

This deletes all the configuration files from the system along with any changes that you had made. Your device will then return to its factory default state. This should also remove the root of your issue. Considering this, use a pointy object and hold it down behind your router. This will start to reset it, after which once the device becomes stable again. You can proceed to configure all the files on its system.

  1. Contact ISP (Only for internet connection problem)

If your problem persists then you should now contact your ISP. They will be able to check your connection and confirm if the error is from their backend or not. Usually, these issues occur when your ISP is updating their database or running maintenance. If that is the case then your only option will be to wait for some time. You can even check the status of most ISPs online from several websites.

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  1. It’s not my router. Everything else works fine. The tv is feet away from the router. It’s the terrible tv. Bad sound not a great picture and the internet drives me crazy. I keep having to unplug the tv. That works.

    • Yes that is so true. My Tv is next to my router. The both electronics are in my office. Still, fix that issue please. it keeps doing that. So annoying!

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