Samsung TV Volume Stuck On 100: 3 Ways To Fix

samsung tv volume stuck on 100
samsung tv volume stuck on 100

Many companies manufacture electronic devices. These are made to ensure that the users have a comfortable experience and can even enjoy these. Having a television in your home is among these devices and allows you to watch TV shows at your demand. You are given an option to select from multiple brands which each have its features.

This makes the process quite confusing but you should note that one of the best companies is Samsung. They have been known for their amazing lineups of both mobile phones and televisions. If you own a Samsung TV then you might sometimes get the problem of its volume being stuck on 100. Considering this, we will be using this article to provide you with a few troubleshooting steps.

Samsung TV Volume Stuck On 100

  1. Check Remote

Before you start taking a look at your television, you must check the remote first. Usually, these are used to control your television and if there are problems with them. Then these can prevent your TV from functioning correctly.

Make sure that the batteries in your remote are charged properly. If not then either replace them or charge them back up.  You should also note that the batteries in your remote have been connected firmly and they are not loose.

If you notice that the volume is still stuck there your device might be faulty. Manually change the volume of your television by clicking on the buttons provided on its side to see if that fixes your problem. You will most likely have to purchase a new remote. Alternatively, you can even purchase a universal remote which is capable of most TVs.

  1. Restart Television

If the problem persists then you might have to reboot your television. These usually store data which can then start to clog up the memory of your device. By simply power-cycling it you can clear up the storage of your system and it should also fix the problem.

Keep in mind that your device must stay switched off for a few minutes before you decide to power it back on. This gives your system enough time to delete any cache files that were causing this issue.

  1. Reset Device

Sometimes a simple reboot is not enough. This is because the user might have accidentally changed some configuration files. It is recommended that you do not mess with settings that you are unaware of. These can easily cause your television to start giving multiple errors. Though, resetting it will clear up all the data and return your device to its factory default state.

This will also fix your issue but before you proceed with the complete reset. You should try resetting the volume settings of your device first. This can be opened by going to the Audio tab from the main interface and then browsing through it. The procedure might vary depending on the model of the Samsung TV that you own. This is why you must consult the manual for the procedure on completely resetting the device.

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