5 Ways to Fix Curse Client Not Connecting To Internet

curse client not connecting to internet
curse client not connecting to internet

Internet connectivity has become the ultimate need in this fast-paced, but ironically, these issues are only increasing with time. In the same vein, the Curse Client is experiencing internet connection issues. Curse Client is the add-on manager through which users can browse, update, and install the add-ons that enhance the productivity for the computer users.

The add-on is a free and lightweight choice for every user who needs to instill these add-ons and is easy to use. This manager will outline the suitable add-ons in the interface folder so that you can manage them as per your preferences. On the other hand, if you are experiencing “no internet connection” on Curse Client, we have outlined the troubleshooting methods in this article!

Fix Curse Client Not Connecting To Internet

1. Hidden Files

If you are a Windows user, you need to acknowledge the fact that it hides the important files to ensure there is no accidental editing or deleting of the files. That’s because if those important files are disturbed, the Windows might not work at all. But if the Curse Client isn’t working, you might need to dig deeper into those files.

In other words, one needs to make these files visible (but make sure you don’t edit or delete them). However, you need to run the troubleshooter app on these files, so the potential issues can be automatically fixed. Once the toggling and troubleshooting is complete, it is better to hide those apps again.

2. DHCP Service

If your Curse Client isn’t working out with the internet after a few minutes of robust performance, there are chances of DHCP issues. In this case, you need to disable the DHCP services while using LAN. On the other hand, this random internet disconnection can be solved by changing the NIC properties. For this, disable the flow control and see changes in your internet connection.

When it concerns the network properties, you can disable the power options. Moving on, search for “collect local NIC” and tap on the “merge collected NIC.” Once you have conducted these steps, switch the PC and restart it again to ensure optimal internet connectivity.

3. Firewalls

Some users have been able to connect Curse Client with the internet while using the v3, but the connectivity drops with v4. With this issue, there are chances that the Firewall exceptions are for the v3 only. That’s to say because firewalls need to be told about the different program versions if you need connectivity.

4. Safe Mode

The latest Windows have built-in safety mechanisms that can hinder the functionality of such apps. However, you can fix this issue by switching in a safe mode. With the safe mode, you will be notified about the faulty apps and programs. This is one of the troubleshooting methods to make progress with the issue.

5. Software Rending

This troubleshooting method isn’t dependent on hardware ASICs or the graphics card. When the Curse Client won’t connect to the internet, enabling software rendering will be a suitable choice, and it will fix the lagging issues.

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