How To Set Up Router Bridge Mode On Verizon

verizon router bridge mode
verizon router bridge mode

Verizon is a top internet service provider is not only in the US and northern America but all over the world. There are no second thoughts about Verizon’s quality of service and loads of features at most reasonable prices that would make it one of the best choices for you to have.

There are certain features being offered by Verizon that you would need to know about and learn how to use them. Probably you never knew about these features before but they are going to change the way you look at the internet and can help you greatly in increasing the speed, connectivity, and signal strength on your internet.

Router Bridge Mode

Router Bridge mode is a mode offered by most modern Verizon WiFi routers that allow you to connect two or more than two routers together so they can work wirelessly to extend the signal strength and without costing you any sort of speed or latency issues. It requires changing settings on advanced levels and hence you are advised to try it only if you have proper knowledge of networking devices, modems, routers, security protocols of a WiFi network and you are confident about what you are doing.

If you still want to use the Router bridge mode on Verizon for some reason, you most certainly can do that by following the process below.

Contact Verizon

You need to contact Verizon in advance to confirm if the router that you have from Verizon supports the bridge mode and it can be connected with another router. They will also let you know if you are allowed to do it or if there are any restrictions at their end that you need to request lifted if you are willing to use your router in the bridge mode. You also need to ensure by Verizon if both routers that you are using for bridging would be compatible with each other and if they will not cause any effects on your Verizon Internet connection.

Setting Up The Verizon Router Bridge Mode

To start the process, you will need to access the router’s admin panel that you want to set the bridge on. You can access the admin panel of your WiFi router by connecting it to any WiFi-enabled device and access the admin panel on a browser.

After that, you must have access to the credentials that are required to login to the admin panel of your WiFi router. The default username and passwords are “Admin” for most routers but if you are not able to use them and cannot remember changing them, you will need to ask Verizon for it. Now, once you are in the admin panel, you need to find the “Wireless Bridge” option under the advanced settings menu and it will allow you to access the setting to bridge a Verizon WiFi router. Be mindful that you need to select the same frequency that is active on the other router. 5Ghz is preferred for the 802.11ac model and you can select it on both the routers. In the SSID field, you will need to select the SSID of your other router that you want to bridge with, enter the password of your other router in the password field and click on apply.

Once you have applied these settings, you can place the other router in some other room that is in range of WiFi signals from your first router and have it connected to an ethernet cable to your Ethernet-enabled devices such as PC, a gaming console or your TV.


Setting up a WiFi bridge on your Verizon WiFi router will allow you to access the best of both networking options and you can enjoy a wireless network in the other room. Both routers will work together to increase the signal strength so you have optimal connectivity and the best possible internet speeds. The best part is, you can also connect any of your PC or gaming consoles with an ethernet cable to the router without requiring an ethernet cable to connect it with the original WiFi router in some other room.

Bridging a Verizon WiFi router does allow you certain perks and advantages but it requires expertise to install. Hence, you can always get technical assistance to not mess it up and have it set up properly.

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