3 Ways To Improve Internet For Router In The Basement

router in basement
router in basement

When your online game starts lagging, and your iPad won’t connect to the eBook, everyone blames the internet connection. We are in an age where the internet has become essential. When the internet is lagging, and you have the router in the basement, you can still improve the performance, range, and internet speed. Well, yes, you can still access high-speed internet with the router in the basement. In this article, we have outlined some methods to access fast-performing internet. Have a look!

Improving Internet When Router In The Basement

1. Ethernet Wiring

We know it seems antonymous to Wi-Fi, but keep hearing us. You might not believe this, but wired internet connections are the best way of promising high-speed internet (we know about the inconvenience already!). The wired connection won’t get interfered by the frequency and radio signals, promising streamlined internet connection.

With this being said, if you have a router in the basement, it is suggested that you opt for ethernet cables because it’s the most reliable option. While creating the ethernet infrastructure, you will need to drill some holes and use some clips that promises a neat outlook. With the ethernet cables, you need to plug one end of the ethernet cable into the router, while the other end should be plugged into the desktop.

Even more, if your desktop or laptop doesn’t have an ethernet port, using the adapters will be a viable choice. On the other hand, if you don’t want an ethernet connection and want to stick to Wi-Fi, you can transform the other end of the cable into the Wi-Fi hotspot. For this purpose, you need a standard router that can be configured as the access point.

The ethernet connection might take your time to create infrastructure, but it is an economically-priced option, and the internet quality will be top-notch. The bonus point is that you won’t have to share your internet connection with neighbors this way.

2. Wi-Fi Repeater

So, you have the router in the basement and want to access high-speed internet signals all around the home. Well, for this purpose, you can try choosing the repeaters because it extends the Wi-Fi signals. The Wi-Fi repeaters tend to catch the internet signals and stretch it to the extended area. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that repeaters tend to be convenient, and installation will only take a few minutes.

With the Wi-Fi repeaters, you can plug it into the switch, and the manual will pass you through additional instructions. However, if there is a farther distance between the router and repeater, the signal strength can be adversely impacted. With this being said, you won’t be able to stream high-resolution videos. The tipping point about repeaters is that they copy the original signals, so there is no need for network switching.

3. Powerline Kit

With the powerline kit, you will be able to extend the original router network while using the current electrical wiring of your home. The powerline kits work effectively for the basements if you can plug one end to the outlet, while the other end is plugged into the adapter. This entire setup will promise high-speed wired or wireless connection, as per your preference.

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