Compare 16×4 vs 8×4 Cable Modem

16x4 vs 8x4 cable modem
16×4 vs 8×4 cable modem

Finding the right modem that suits your internet needs has become more important than ever before. With this being said, you need to understand that there are different modem technologies there. In the same vein, one needs to choose the right channel in the modems that match with the internet plan. Usually, people are thinking between 16×4 vs 8×4 cable modem. So, if you want to know in-depth details about both, we have added information in this article!

16×4 vs 8×4 Cable Modem

16×4 Cable Modems

While you are researching the 16×4 cable modem, 16 is the information about the number of downstream channels. On the other hand, 4 represents the number of upstream channels. With this being said, 16×4 cable modem means that your modem can connect with 16 downstream channels for downloading, while there are four upstream channels for uploading.

With the increase in the number of channels, you will harness better connectivity and network performance. In addition, these cable modems provide better internet speed. If your internet speed is less than 300Mbps, this cable modem will be more than enough. With such internet plans, the speed will be boosted from 4×4 to 8×4.

These cables modems are perfect to harness internet speed up to 680Mbps when it comes down to download. However, it is suggested that you check the compatibility standards with your internet service providers. The cable modems with 16×4 channels tend to offer streamlined internet connectivity to four devices, with the need for high-speed internet.

Such cable modems usually work perfectly with the internet plans with 400Mbps with frequent lags and drops. These cable modems usually come with the ethernet cable port, coaxial cable port, and power buttons for easy access and functionality. Coming down to the security protocols, 16×4 cable modems supports IPv4 and IPv6 to ensure the highest standards of security.

8×4 Cable Modem

If you are using the DSL connections, it is essential that you already have an 8×4 cable modem for your network. That’s to say because such cable modems offer around eight downstream channels, topped with four upstream channels. According to Cable One, the 8×4 cable modems are perfect for optimizing the best speed performance.

As in theory, these cable modems will offer a maximum speed of 343Mbps. When it comes down to channels, they are pretty limited which means the internet connectivity will be adversely impacted. Before you opt for this cable modem, it is better that you take suggestions from the ISP to see if it will support your internet plan.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that your internet speed depends on the number of channels, which means the internet speed will be limited. As for the data transfer rate, it is suitable for a moderate rate. When it comes down to the security protocols, this modem has the IPv4 security which is pretty limited and basic.

The eight downstream channels are available for download while the four upstream channels are suitable for uploading. We have already mentioned the maximum downloading speed, but when the upload speed is concerned, the maximum upload speed will be 131Mbps. Usually, the 8×4 cable modems don’t have a power button, since the designs are dated.

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