3 Ways To Fix Roku TV Keeps Disconnecting From Wi-Fi

roku tv keeps disconnecting from wifi
roku tv keeps disconnecting from wifi

Many companies provide their users with televisions. Although, this makes it hard to choose between all of these. Roku is a well-known brand that has been manufacturing these devices for quite a time now. The best thing about them is that they have been improving their lineups over time. The company has even managed to install new features on their televisions.

These help you in having a much better experience. You can easily select between their devices by going to their website. They even have specifications for their systems labeled along the product to make it easier for you to read all the information.

Recently, some Roku users have been reporting that their TV keeps disconnecting from the Wi-Fi. This can be annoying and we will be using this article to help you in fixing the problem.

How to Fix Roku TV Keeps Disconnecting From Wi-Fi?

  1. Move Router Closer

Usually, the problem occurs when people decide to use a wireless connection. The signals for these are easily blocked even by small objects that might be between the path of your devices. The speeds keep fluctuating which makes it harder for users to get a stable speed. Though, there are mainly two ways to get rid of the problem.

The first is by using a wired connection which can easily be done through an ethernet cable. However, for people who want their setup to look clean, this might not be an option. This is why you can move your router closer to your television instead. Make sure that the router is in a position where your device can easily catch on signals.

Furthermore, there should be no furniture between them to ensure that the connection is not getting interfered with or blocked. You will now notice that your Wi-Fi is working fine without any problems. For people who are having trouble moving the position of their router.

You can get a new one installed as well that will be closer to your television. Alternatively, you can upgrade your older router to a new one. Companies are now manufacturing devices that should easily be enough to provide signals all-around you’re home. These have more features and even the signal strength cannot be easily blocked.

  1. Change Broadcast Channel

If you have recently gotten your router then you should note that these now come with the support of several broadcast channels. Older devices only ran on a frequency of 2.4 GHz whereas these can go up to 5 GHz. The default channels are set to 2.4 GHz because most devices cannot read signals above this. However, the Roku TV can easily catch on to these signals without giving you much trouble.

The benefit of using a 5 GHz channel is that while the range for your router will be reduced, the signals will be much stronger. You will notice that these will provide you with a fast and stable speed. If you are interested then go to the settings on your router. You should be able to find the option to change broadcast channels from their features.

The procedure for this usually depends on the brand of router you are using. This is why if you are having trouble finding it then you will have to consult the manual. Alternatively, search for the model of your device online to find a guide for this process. Some routers even allow their users to enable dual channels at the same time. This will be a good option for you if you connect both older and newer devices to the same connection.

  1. Reset Router

Finally, if the problem persists then you can simply reboot the device. This gives it enough time to clear up the cache files from the system. Make sure that the device stays switched off for a few minutes before you proceed to power it back on. If this does not work then reset your router. The process deletes all the changes you had made previously to the system so keep that in mind.

You will have to configure all the settings for your device again for scratch. Most routers can be reset by using a small pin and holding them inside the reset switch on the back of these devices. The router is reset once the lights on them become stable.

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