3 Ways To Fix Samsung Tablet Keeps Disconnecting From Wi-Fi

samsung tablet keeps disconnecting from wifi
samsung tablet keeps disconnecting from wifi

While having a mobile phone is important. If you are someone who enjoys watching movies and shows on your device. Then the device might seem a little small to you. Some people even like to work on their phones. One option is to get a laptop instead but these can be a little heavy for some people. This is where tablets come in.

These devices allow you to do almost all the functions that you can on a mobile phone. Some of them even have the option to install your SIM card in them. These have a much larger screen and allow you to easily work on them. Samsung is one of the leading companies when it comes to these devices. Though, recently some Samsung tablet users have been reporting that their device keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi. If you are also getting this issue then here are some troubleshooting steps that can be followed.

How to Fix Samsung Tablet Keeps Disconnecting From Wi-Fi?

  1. Check Wi-Fi Sleep Settings

The Samsung tablets have been equipped with many features that help out their users in having a fun experience. One of these is the Wi-Fi sleep settings that switch off the connection at a certain time. Usually, this is meant to cut off the connection which will both save your bandwidth as well as the battery life of your tablet.

However, if you have not set up the settings for it correctly then the service might cut off your connection during the daytime. You can easily access this by going to your home page and then selecting applications. This should have the option to view settings which you can click on. Now browse through these to find the Wi-Fi configurations.

If the feature is not on this page then you can click on more to find further options. After locating the Keep Wi-Fi switched on during sleep option you can either enable it. Alternatively, you can even set up a time that the Wi-Fi will be switched off. If the settings were disabled before then this is most likely you were getting the problem. Many tablets come with the option switched off by default and the time Is set according to its manufacturing area.

  1. Forget Network

Sometimes the problem can happen when your device is having trouble trying to establish a proper connection with the network. This is common and usually occurs when you have been using the same internet for some time now. The data from your connection gets piled up which starts giving you problems instead of helping you get better performance.

Though, you can easily fix it by forgetting the network. This can be done by first going to the available networks and then holding your current connection. You can now alter its configurations or forget it completely. Keep in mind that your saved password will be deleted as well along this. You will then be required to enter it again so make sure that you remember it. Finally, reconnect to the network and your problem should now be gone.

  1. Uninstall Mobile Security

The Samsung tablets come with a home security application installed in them. While these are made to prevent any viruses from entering the device, you can get connectivity issues along with them as well. This is because there are firewalls implemented in the system which can cut off your connection if they feel it is not secure. So, if you think that your connection is secure, then you can easily uninstall the mobile security application.

This process should take a few minutes and your error should be gone. Aside from this, some people might even have a separate driver installed on their device for security. You will have to remove it along with this. For hesitant people, you can install an application that allows you to bypass the connection instead.

There is a lot of software that you can find by searching online. Just make sure that you download a reliable one to prevent any future issues. You can ensure if a program good by going through its reviews. There are many forums dedicated to recommending security applications for your mobile phones and tablets. Going through them should help you in selecting the best one possible.

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