4 Ways To Fix Roku No Power Light

roku no power light
roku no power light

Roku is usually the prime choice for everyone who needs unlimited access to movies, TV shows, and on-demand channels. Roku device is usually connected to the TV and works with the internet. However, some users struggle with Roku no power light issue and they are restricted to use the Roku. So, to help you all out, we are sharing everything you need to know!

No Power Light On Roku – What Does It Mean?

There are two primary reasons that can lead to no power light on Roku. First of all, it is due to the damaged power cords. Secondly, the power light issue can occur due to hardware issues in the Roku device. So, let’s see what can be done to fix the power light issue!

1) Power Cords

First of all, if the Roku power light is not on because of the power cord issue, it’s pretty obvious that you need to change the power cords. The power cords might be physically damaged, so you can check for fraying and damage.

In case there is no physical damage, use the multimeter to check the continuity of electric signals in the power cord. All in all, you need to replace the old and frayed power cords with a new one and it will switch on the power light.

2) Power Adapters

In addition to the power cords, you need to check the power adapter as well. This is because the power adapter is responsible for transmitting the electric signals to the Roku device. So, if the power adapter is not working at its best, the Roku’s power light won’t switch on. Consequently, we suggest that you use the power adapter from the box.

However, if that power adapter has worn out, buy the new power adapter but make sure it’s compatible with Roku. Besides changing the power adapter, we suggest that you attach the power adapter tightly. The power adapter connects the power outlet and Roku device, so the loose connection will cause an issue. All in all, plug in the power adapter tightly.

3) Power Outlet

If changing the power adapter or power cord didn’t fix up the issue, there might be something wrong with the power outlet. That’s to say because if nothing is working out and you are still using the same power outlet, it might be out of order. Consequently, you need to check the power outlet and make sure it’s getting continual signals.

If not, you need to shift the Roku device to another power outlet that’s working properly. In addition, if there are some power strips connected, we suggest that you take them out and plug Roku directly into the outlet. We are pretty sure that a change in the power outlet will fix the no power light issue.

4) Light & Port

Believe it or not, if these troubleshooting methods didn’t work up, it’s highly likely that Roku’s light is not working properly. This is because if the light is not functional, it will not power on even with the right power outlet and cords. In addition, we suggest that you try a different USB port while connecting Roku to the TV.

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  1. I have no power light i have checked the power supply output it seems ok but hte main unit is getting HOT i am figuring it is bad???

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