5 Ways To Fix TCL Roku TV Light Blinking

tcl roku tv light blinking
tcl roku tv light blinking

Smart homes have become the preferred choice and it comes with the quest of finding the right TV. Well, one amazing choice is TCL TV and they have added high-end features. Similarly, people are using Roku with TCL to enjoy their favorite content in 4K. On the other hand, some are struggling with the TCL Roku TV light blinking issue and aren’t happy about it. So, let’s see what can be done about it!

TCL Roku TV Light Blinking – The Meaning

When the light in TCL Roku TV is blinking, this means that the TV is trying to connect to the network connection and the connectivity is slowed down. However, there are easy fixes that will speed up the connectivity.

1) Signal Strength

To begin with, when the TV is unable to connect to the network, there are chances of weak signals. In this case, you need to ensure that your Roku device and TV, both are getting the right signals. For this purpose, you need to check your internet connection and speed through the speed test. It is essential because Roku and TCL TV need a high-speed connection to work properly. So, level up the internet connection and try connecting again.

2) Reset The Password

If the internet connection is working fine and the signal strength is strong, there might be a chance of network credential issues. With this being said, we suggest that you set up the network connection again. In this case, you will need to set up the network with new log-in credentials, such as name and password. Once you set up the network again, just connect TCL with Roku, and then, it will switch on without a blinking light issue.

3) Electronic Interferences

When you clog up the Roku device with too many electronic devices around, it’s going to act out. That’s to say because the electronic signals and frequencies can twist with each other and lead to light blinking issues. So, if there are additional electronic devices around Roku and TCL TV, take them away and the devices will start working again. In simpler words, just cut out the interferences and especially the microwave ovens!

4) Ethernet Cable

In case you are still unable to connect TCL TV with Roku, we suggest that you take out other cables and choose the ethernet cables. The ethernet cable is better at transmitting the signals and the signal intrusion will be taken care of. If you are already using the ethernet cables, we suggest that you check for physical damages; if there are some, we suggest that you replace the old cables with the new ones.

5) Roku Reboot

In addition to changing the ethernet cables, we suggest that you reboot the Roku because it helps refresh the signals. Consequently, connectivity will become easier and straightforward. With this being said, you can reboot the Roku by taking out the power cable and insert it again after two minutes. Roku will take around five minutes to establish a proper connection, and once it does, the light blinking issue will be fixed!

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