How To Use Roku Adblock? (Explained)

roku adblock
roku adblock

Roku is an American company with an extensive line of digital media players. Be it the Roku game remote or smart TV, Roku has everything to meet the needs of the digital consumer base. However, some of them struggle with never-ending ads. These ads can be pretty frustrating while you are watching the favorite season. Well, that’s the reason that we have designed this article. With this article, you will learn about different Roku Adblock options. So, let’s get rid of those annoying ads!

Roku Adblock

Check The Settings

According to Roku, they tend to collect data from the users’ search history that’s set through the content preferences and settings. With this being said, it is pretty clear that you can block the ads from settings by following the below-mentioned steps;

  • First of all, open the Setting from the home screen
  • Scroll down to Privacy
  • Hit the Advertising button
  • Skim through the Limit Ad Tracking and check the box
  • Restart the device

However, with these settings, you might receive generic ads. That’s to say because these settings block the ads according to buffer reading.

Block The Domains

If you are receiving the ads on the home screen, the issue can be catered to by blocking the domains. For this purpose, you can follow the below-mentioned steps;

  • First of all, open the router-R6 page and head to the advanced tab
  • Tap on security
  • Move to Block Sites, and you will come across a wide range of options
  • Choose the option, “block sites with “insert keyword or domain” name.”
  • Check the enterprise advertising & analytics solution

This will help block the add but make sure that you restart the Roku device

DNS Cache

If the ads are still appearing on the home screen after blocking the domains and changing the settings, there are chances of DNS cache. The DNS cache can be removed through the settings’ storage tab.

Ad Blocking Apps

If you want to get to rid of the ads for once and for all, we suggest using the third-party ad-blocking apps. One of the most amazing ad-blocking apps is Adblock Plus that can be installed in the device, and the ads will be automatically removed. Secondly, there is the BLockAda App, which is free to use. In addition, the ad-blocker works effectively for web browsers as well as the apps.

Display Settings

If you are struggling with the pop-up ads on the display while watching TV, you can follow the following steps to get rid of the issue;

  • Open the settings and tap on privacy
  • Go to the Smart TV experience
  • Uncheck the “use information from the TV inputs”

In addition, you can block multiple URLs to get rid of annoying ads, such as amoeba.web,,, and cloud services.

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