Is Hughesnet Good For Gaming? (Answered)

is hughesnet good for gaming
is hughesnet good for gaming

In the past few years, internet technologies have evolved with which the wireless internet has become the absolute choice. However, some people are still asking, “is HughesNetgood for gaming?’ This is because HughesNet is the satellite internet, and gamers are skeptical about internet speed and performance. So, in this article, we will tell you if HughesNet is good for playing games!

Is Hughesnet Good For Gaming?

Gaming With HughesNetSatellite Internet

Yes, you can absolutely play games with HughesNet satellite internet. However, one needs to be mindful of the game and the internet speed. We don’t intend to sugarcoat anything for you; that’s why we are saying that some gamers don’t have a good gaming experience with HughesNetinternet. Over the years, the satellite connections have incremented along 25Mbps.

If the download speed is around 25Mbps, it can easily support multiple games. However, the issue is not about the speed only. This is because you have to think about latency and packet loss with HughesNetinternet for gaming because it’s the satellite internet. Usually, packet loss and latency will not jeopardize the role-playing games, but it can harm your performance in first-person shooting games.


Latency is defined as the time required for the game server to understand the action/command and make a reaction accordingly. In case of low latency, the charge landing will be optimum. However, the higher latency will cause gaming lags. The HughesNetinternet has a latency rate ranging from 594 milliseconds to 625 milliseconds.

For the gamers who are into multiplayer games, HughesNet internet will not be the right choice because such games require a latency rate lower than 100 milliseconds. With this being said, the latency rate of HughesNet is too high to support such high-profile games.

Packet Loss

Packet loss is defined as the reaction when data doesn’t reach the game server. Well, gamers tend to struggle with packet loss, commonly known as drifting as well. So, with the HughesNetinternet, you won’t win that chicken dinner because of the packet loss issue.

With this being said, even if you are using the HughesNetinternet for gaming already, you should try using the direct cable connection (ethernet cables) to ensure better performance. Also, there will be a reduction in packet loss, and the latency will be lowered as well.

Supported Games For HughesNetSatellite Internet

First of all, not all games struggle with the satellite internet since some of them can be played like a dream. It is pretty obvious that with satellite internet, the data has to travel afar, which means turn-based games and the RPGs will work the best (yes, you can also play Guild Wars 2). So, if you have been looking for games that can be played on HughesNet satellite internet, we have some options;

  • Civilization VI
  • Candy Crush
  • Star Trek
  • League of Legends
  • World of Warcraft
  • Animal Crossing

According to the FCC, one at least needs 4Mbps internet connection for gaming, but a higher internet speed will be better. As for the HughesNet connection, you will have a 25Mbps connection, which is apt enough to play some offline and RPG games.

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