Rii Mini i8 Flashing Yellow Light: 3 Ways To Fix

rii mini i8 flashing yellow light
rii mini i8 flashing yellow light

RII Mini i8 is the small wireless keyboard that you can connect with any device that you want to. It comes with a dongle that is used for the connectivity. The best part about having the keyboard is that it uses batteries, that can also be charged using a cable and you don’t have to be disconnected with any devices at all.

Especially if you are a gaming fan or you are using a smart TV and want something to search for the content and stuff like that, you definitely need to get your hands on this mini keyboard.

It almost looks like a controller from your gaming console and can fit in your palm pretty easily as well. An interesting part is that RII mini i8 also got a touchpad on it that you can use to control the cursor on the screen.

In addition to all that, it comes with a backlit keyboard that doesn’t have only white light, but can turn to RGB as well. So, this is simply one of the best gadgets that one can have to connect with all sorts of devices. It also got some indicator lights, and if yellow indicator is flashing, here is what it means.

Rii Mini i8 Flashing Yellow Light: What Does it Mean?

There are three indicator lights on the keyboard. The first one is blue and it is for the connectivity of your keyboard with the devices. Whenever keyboard is in the pairing mode, and looking for devices to connect with, this blue light will turn on and keep on blinking until the keyboard is connected.

The second one is a red signal light and it will blink only when you are using the keyboard to press any keys on it or using the touchpad for the cursor. The red light will indicate the usage for you.

Moving forward, the yellow light indicates the battery health. If you are running out of battery and your batteries are getting weak, the yellow light will keep blinking. If your yellow light is blinking on your keyboard and it refuses to go away, here are a few things that you have to do to fix it up.

1) Replace your batteries

Naturally, there is a battery indicator on the top of this yellow light and it wants to tell you that it is due time to replace your batteries. You need to replace the batteries on regular intervals to keep the keyboard working optimally. This is not something big, and you can easily keep a pair handy for the times when you are going to need a replacement.

So, carefully turn off the keyboard, slide the battery cover and change your batteries with a fresh pair. Then you can turn the keyboard back on and the flashing yellow light on your keyboard is most likely to be gone for good without causing you any further troubles with the flashing light.

2) Charge the batteries

The best part is that the keyboard also has a mini-USB port on it that can not only be used to connect the keyboard with your devices, but it can charge those rechargeable batteries as well. If you are using some batteries inside the keyboard that are rechargeable, you can simply plug it in with a mini-USB cable for sometime and after that, it will be charged properly within an hour at most.

You need to ensure that you are not overcharging as that might get your batteries weaker and their storage capacity will be considerably reduced due to overcharging.

3) Get it Checked

If you are unable to make it work despite trying both charging and replacing the batteries, then there might be some short circuit or some other malfunction inside the keyboard that can trigger the low battery alert and you will be getting that yellow light constantly blinking for you.

You will need to ensure that you are getting it checked from an authorized service center and they will be able to diagnose the problem for you that is causing you to have this trouble. Not only that, but they will also be able to suggest the best possible solution, to either repair the keyboard or get a replacement for you.

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