7 Ways To Fix Slow Internet On Portal 2

Portal 2 slow internet
Portal 2 slow internet

People love games but everyone has their own niche. For the gamers interested in puzzle platforms, Portal 2 is the perfect game. The game is available for macOS, Windows, Xbox, and PS3. In case you have a Portal 2 slow internet issue, we are here with the troubleshooting methods!

How To Fix Portal 2 Slow Internet?

1. Hard Drive

To begin with, if you have slow loading and considering that it’s because of slow internet, you might be wrong. This is because if space is less on the hard drive, it will result in slow loading. With this being said, you need to download Portal 2 on the hard drive. As a result, the loading time will be reduced.

2. Delete

There might be some software configuration issues that are leading to the slow internet error. To be honest, modifying the software configuration will be too complicated, so deleting and re-installing the game will be better. This will surely fix the software configuration issues but it ensures the file reading is streamlined with the computer. In addition, it will ensure that settings are installed properly. For deleting and re-installing the game, follow the below-mentioned steps;

  • Hit the start button on the computer and open the control panel
  • Look for uninstall a program option
  • Scroll down to the Portal 2
  • Tap on the Remove button
  • Once the game is removed, reboot your computer
  • Follow the steps again and hit the install button

As a result, the computer will be able to read the settings and files for proper game operation. This is because Portal 2 has various issues with the DLL files.

3. Graphics Driver

Once you have re-installed the game, you will need to work on the graphics driver. For this purpose, you need to re-install the graphics driver because it’s responsible for data transmission. To ensure that the graphics card drive is operating smoothly, follow the below-mentioned steps;

  • Hit the start button and open the control panel
  • Tap on uninstall a program option
  • Look for Nvidia or ATI software
  • Whichever you find, press the remove button with it
  • Then, restart your computer
  • Try playing the game again

This will ensure that the graphics card driver isn’t corrupted which results in connectivity issues. With this being said, people often say that the issue is minor but the problems are too much.

4. Additional Apps Or Programs

When the slow internet issue persists with Portal 2, removing or closing down the background apps and software will be apt. This is because players often try to use Portal 2 and struggle with slow internet if there are too many apps in the background. For instance, it could be a music app or an internet browser. It will cause internet issues since the signals are distributed. So, it’s recommended that you close down all the additional apps, software, and programs.

5. PC Registry

To ensure the smooth operation of Portal 2 without internet issues, you could try cleaning out the computer’s registry. The registry is the central database to ensure the information, files, and options needed for operations are stored. The registry helps the system read the files for proper running. However, the continuous usage will lead to damages that adversely influences the performance. For this purpose, just download the registry cleaner apps and clear the errors.

6. Internet Speed

The proper internet speed has to be ensured for Portal 2 to work properly. So, the users need to check that the system is receiving the correct internet speed. The users could opt for the speed tests and check the internet speed. The speed tests show how fast the internet speed is but it also shares how the system can be fixed. If the internet speed is too low, you might need to upgrade the internet plan. However, you could also use the internet speedup program because it streamlines the connection speed.

7. Wired Connection

When your computer system is connected to Wi-Fi, there are higher chances of signal interference. This is because the wireless internet works through frequencies and these frequencies can be disturbed. With this being said, we suggest that you take off the Wi-Fi connection and opt for a wired connection. With a wired connection, you need to connect the ethernet cable to the computer, and Portal 2 will start working properly.

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