3 Ways To Fix Halo: The Master Chief Collection Slow Internet

Halo: The Master Chief Collection slow internet
Halo: The Master Chief Collection slow internet

Halo is a famous first-person shooter game that is known for being an Xbox exclusive. Halo: The Master Chief Collection is the remastered edition that consists of all the previous games from the franchise. These include all the Halo games that have been released up to Halo 4. You can play this on both your computer and on the Xbox. This game has also been receiving regular updates which are adding new content with time.

The story mode for this game is offline but it also provides a multiplayer mode. You can play this with your friends and compete with each other in different game modes. However, Halo: The Master Chief Collection players have reported that they are getting slow internet speed while playing the game. If this has happened to you as well then here is how you can get rid of this error.

How To Fix Halo: The Master Chief Collection Slow Internet?

  1. Update Drivers

If you are facing slow internet speed and lag while playing the game then that might indicate that your drivers are out of date. Running older versions of drivers will slow down the performance of your device and you will start getting various types of problems. This is why it is recommended that you keep all your programs up to date.

Most companies roll out updates on a regular basis and this is why it is important that you check for updates at least once a week. Considering this, check your device for updates and then start installing them. You should close down any applications that you might be using before installing these. This is because your device will most likely restart after applying all the updates. If you have any important document running during this, then you will lose all its data.

After your updates have been successfully downloaded, open up your game again and it should now work without giving slow internet speeds. Make sure that you update your graphics drivers and windows as well. Alternatively, for your console, update its firmware version.

  1. Restart Modem and Router

Another fix for slow internet speeds is to restart both your modem as well as your router. This fixes the problem that you are getting in most cases. Devices that have been running for some time, start to slow down. This is due to the fact that temporary files keep hogging their memory and slow them down. In order to delete all these files and refresh your device’s RAK, you need to give it a reboot.

Considering this, to restart your device, start by switching off both your router and modem. Afterward, wait for a few minutes. This should help in the device getting rid of all the cache. Now make sure that you power on your modem first. After the lights on it become completely stable, then switch on your router. Keep in mind that your device might take up to a few minutes to start depending on the model that you are currently using.

  1. Change Servers

Another reason why you might be getting slow internet is that the server that you are currently connected to might have a lot of users playing in it. Alternatively, the server that you selected might have a high ping. For both these cases, it is recommended that you switch the server. Browse the list and select a server that is showing low ping. This should most likely fix the problem that you are getting. Aside from this, you can save the servers that you are playing on to easily join them at a later date. This way you will not have to go through the hassle of trying to search for them again.

You should also keep in mind that the slow speed can be from the backend. The servers of Halo might be expecting a new update. This sometimes causes the game to get some problems. However, this should fix itself after some time. It is recommended that you stay patient during this time. You can also play the offline game modes that Halo provides during this time to pass your time. You can even play split-screen modes in the game with your friends and family.

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