Pokemon GO Not Loading On Mobile Data: 3 Fixes

pokemon go not loading on mobile data
pokemon go not loading on mobile data

Pokémon Go is a famous augmented reality game that was both published and developed by Niantic. This was done in partnership with Nintendo as well as the Pokémon Company for iOS and Android devices. The games require the user to move around in real life while a map is shown on their device.

You can catch different monsters, level them up, and even battle with other users through the application. There are tons of other objectives that the user can fulfill which make the game quite interesting. Though, there are also a few issues that the users can run into.

Recently, Pokemon Go players have reported that their game is not loading on mobile data. We will be using this article to provide you with a few ways that should help you in fixing this issue.

Pokemon GO Not Loading On Mobile Data

  1. Update Application

While the game originally came out in 2016. Numerous people still enjoy playing it. Additionally, the company for Pokémon Go is still expanding its game through various updates. These also fix errors that the users had previously reported through the application.

Considering this, if you are running an older version of the game. Then that might be why you are getting the error. One simple way to fix it is by installing the latest update that has come out on your app store. This should take a few minutes and your problem should now be gone. People who are unable to find the updates through the app store can even install them through apk files found from the internet.

  1. Data Usage Restricted

Another reason why you can get this error message is that your connection is restricted. Google services update their application through your internet connection. The file size for these can be a lot for your bandwidth at times. This is why usually; the services are disabled when you are trying to use your mobile data.

This saves your bandwidth from getting consumed all of a sudden though, this will also prevent you from playing the game through your data. You can take off the restriction for this by opening up the setting on your mobile phone. Browse through the options to find the data usage. Finally, click on it and scroll down to find the tab. Sometimes the user might be required to reboot their mobile phone or reactivate their mobile data for the changes to take place.

  1. Clear Cache Files

Another reason why people can get this problem is that the temporary files for their application have clogged up the memory for your device. This can even cause the game to crash at times. Though, you can simply fix this by manually clearing all of these files.

Go to the application settings tab on your mobile phone. Now browse through these files to locate the Pokémon Go application. Click on it and then select clear cache files. Clicking on confirm should clear up all these files in a few seconds. You should close down the game beforehand to avoid any issues.

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