Pokemon Go Not Working On WiFi: 4 Ways To Fix

pokemon go not working on wifi
pokemon go not working on wifi

Not so long ago, Pokémon Go was launched, and everyone went crazy for it. Truth be told, everyone was launching this game and were running around to catch the Pokémons. However, this game demands a strong and stable internet connection to work function properly.

This is why some gamers are complaining about “Pokémon Go not working on Wi-Fi.” If you have similar connectivity issues, we are sharing the solutions for you!

Pokemon Go Not Working On WiFi

1) Login Servers

Believe it or not, if Pokémon Go is not working on Wi-Fi, there are chances that the login servers of the game might be down. However, if the connection issues are occurring because the servers are down, there is nothing that you can do about it. That’s to say because only the game developers can resolve the issues with the servers.

For confirming this issue, you can check the official social media handles because the server unavailability is often communicated through the social media handles. So, if you are suspecting the server issue, you just have to wait until the developers fix the server.

2) Cache

In some cases, Pokémon Go won’t connect with the wireless connection if the app has an excessive cache. Every smartphone app has a cache (it’s basically saved data of the game), but if it gets too much, it can hinder the network connectivity. That being said, you have to open the settings of your smartphone, move to the apps section, and tap on Pokémon Go.

When the game appears in the app list, you need to press the “clear cache” option. On the other hand, when you clear the cache, you might have to log in to the game again by using the login credentials. However, removing the cache is highly likely to resolve the issues with a network connection. In addition, it is better to restart the smartphone after clearing the cache of the Pokémon Go app.

3) Internet Connection

The first half of the loading bar tends to load quickly, but the second half generally takes time. The first half is when the data is being into the RAM of your smartphone, while the second half is for establishing the connection with the game servers. So, if the internet connection is slow or has some errors, the second half won’t be completed.

In that case, we suggest the network reboot (you can reboot the internet router for it). This is because the network reboot will refresh the internet signals and will be stronger. For rebooting the internet router, you need to disconnect it from the power connection and wait for five minutes before you connect it to the power source again.

When the router switches on after the reboot, you will need at least five minutes so that the network connection can be properly established.

4) Reboot The Smartphone

In case Pokémon Go is not working on the Wi-Fi connection, there are chances of network configuration issues on the smartphone. In that case, it’s best that you reboot the smartphone. For rebooting the smartphone, you have to press the power button of your smartphone for a few seconds, and it will switch off.

Once the smartphone is switched off, wait for two minutes before you switch it on. Once the smartphone switches on, try opening the game again, and we are certain that the game will connect to Wi-Fi.

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