3 Common DSL Error Codes With Solutions

dsl error codes
dsl error codes

Having a stable internet connection at your home feels like a blessing. This is because most people require the services provided by networks to work. You can even watch movies, listen to music and play games in your free time. Numerous benefits come with having an internet connection. Though, there are multiple ways to set up the network.

One of the most used methods is through the DSL service. Digital subscriber line or DSL is the term used for devices that provide you with internet through telephone lines. The speed for these connections is mostly stable as well. Aside from this, another great thing about the service is its list of error codes.

These are given in case of any error making it easier to identify the issue. We will be using this article to provide you with a list of common error codes along with their solutions to help you out.

DSL Error Codes

  1. Error Code 619

The 619-error code means that the port required by your current device might already be being used by your broadband service.  Usually, users are notified that the port they want to use is currently disconnected. If you are getting the error then the first thing that you should do is restart your device. This forces the connection to close down the port. Which will then fix the problem once your computer boots back up.

Aside from this, another thing to look out for is the wiring for your modems and telephone. Sometimes, loose connections from these can also give you the error code. Finally, if the problem persists then you should uninstall the current software for your modem and then install them again. There are tons more errors related to ports that you can get on your DSL service. Most of these can be fixed by using the same troubleshooting steps as this error. This is why you must try out all of these before trying to get into technical details.

  1. Error Code 645

The 645-error code is known as an internal authentication error. This means that your internet service is having trouble trying to connect to your current device. There are several reasons why the user can run into this problem. Though, the first thing that you should try is to re-establish your connection. There might have been an interruption from your network or some other device that gave you this error.

However, if this does not work out then confirm that the password or credentials that you had entered were correct. Keeping a check over case-sensitive letters is essential while the user is inputting these details. You can even forget your network and remove it from your device, then finally connect to it again. If none of these works out for you then your device might not have the privileges to establish a connection.

You will have to either log in using an account with administrative privileges. Alternatively, you can use safe mode and then try using your connection. This will most likely fix the error code and you should easily be able to start using your internet.

  1. Error Code 680

Error code 680 is another common one that people run into. This indicates that the modem you are using is receiving no dial tone from your telephone line. You should note that several things can cause this problem. This is why it is better that you try ruling out these one at a time. The first thing that you should check is your cables. Make sure that all of these are connected tightly. The next thing to check is if the cable you are attaching to your modem is coming directly from the master telephone.

Make sure that you install it in the right slot. Most modem boxes have labels behind them that make it easier for you to find the port. Though, if you are still having trouble then it is better that you consult the manual provided with your modem. If none of these works out then your telephone line might be down. You can confirm this by trying to hear the tune on your telephone. If there is no tune then contact the service and notify them about your issue. The support team should be able to provide you with a solution as soon as possible.

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