Phone Stuck On T-Mobile Logo: 3 Ways To Fix

phone stuck on t mobile logo
phone stuck on t mobile logo

T-Mobile figures nowadays amongst the top three mobile carriers in U.S. territory. Its large range of devices and package deals, allied with the outstanding coverage that makes T-Mobile present pretty much everywhere in the country bring this telecommunications giant to the top echelons.

The affordable mobile plans and the numerous stores all over the U.S. add up to the presence T-Mobile has in so many homes, businesses and in the palms of so many clients.

Disregarding all of the quality, presence, and affordability, T-Mobile phones are not free from issues, as so many users have been commenting on online forums and Q&A communities recently.

As it has been reported, there is an issue with T-Mobile system that is causing phones to crash and freeze at the logo screen. That means the phone starts but does not reach the point where it can be used for calls, messages or any other use smartphones offer these days. So, it’s more than a minor inconvenience!

If you find yourself amongst those looking for a decent fix, bear with us as we walk you through on how to fix the issue that is causing the phones to crash and freeze on the logo screen.

So, without further ado, here is how any user can easily repair the logo screen crashing on T-Mobile phones without any risks for the equipment:

Phone Stuck On T-Mobile Logo Fixes

1) Give The Mobile A Reset

Give The Mobile A Reset

The first and easiest fix is to perform a reset on the mobile, since this procedure allows the system to troubleshoot itself. By doing so, the phone’s operational system is able to locate and repair any ongoing problems, such as the screen crashing issue.

Apart from that, a reset from time to time helps the system getting rid of undesired and unnecessary temporary files that might be hindering its performance.

In order to give your mobile a reset, simply remove the battery and let it rest for a few minutes before plugging the battery back again. For most modern mobiles, with built-in batteries, the only option users have is to hold down the power button until the system shuts down on its own.

Forget the usual way of rebooting the mobile, as the crash on the logo screen will not allow you to access any operational system options.

2) Give The Phone A Hard Reset

Should you already be acquainted with rooting procedures on mobiles, this second fix will definitely not call for much expertise. If you are not amongst those, allow us to guide your through on how to easily perform it.

The first thing you have to do to access the root menu is hold down the power and volume down buttons at the same time. Now go ahead and select the option that says, ‘factory reset’ and click on it.

This will have your phone return to its pre-store stage, as it was being switched on for the first time. One thing to look out for is that this means you will lose all the data or apps stored in the mobile memory, but at the same time, they weren’t of much use with a display frozen on the logo screen anyway.

The good news is that after successfully performing the factory reset, the firmware, or what many users call the system, will start from a fresh point and you will notice an enhanced performance from then on.

3) Connect Your Mobile With A Phone Manager App

Connect Your Mobile With A Phone Manager App

Should you attempt the two easy fixes above and none of them solved your logo screen crash and freeze, here is a last one. Bear in mind that this one will actually require a bit more of expertise with technology and electronics.

If you do not feel comfortable attempting it, give T-Mobile customer service a call and have the professionals deal with the issue.

For those who are more used to dealing with different systems or at least feel a bit more tech-savvy, here is what you should do to get rid of the crashing logo screen with T-Mobile phones. The main point is to connect the crashing mobile with a laptop or PC, which can be easily done with the USB cable you use for charging.

Since that will not do the trick yet, you will need a phone manager program running on your laptop or PC, in order to access the mobile and reinstall the operational system from scratch.

Maybe that part got a bit scarier… but it really isn’t. Just give it a try and, should you feel like you are stepping out of your league, simply undo the process and disconnect the phone.

Bear in mind that disconnecting the mobile means clicking on the USB icon on the taskbar, selecting the mobile and clicking on the ‘disconnect’ option. Should you simply unplug it from the PC or laptop, there is a bigger chance more damage than good will be done.

On a final note, in order to acquire the operational system file to install on the mobile via the phone manager, we recommend you look for it on the original equipment manufacturer, or OEM website.

That will surely be a more trustworthy option, as you do not want to fix an issue and end up with a bigger one afterwards.

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