Is Panoramic WiFi Slow? (Explained)

panoramic wifi is slow
panoramic wifi is slow

People forgot about the standard Wi-Fi when people came to know about Cox Communication panoramic WiFi. People went for Cox WiFi because it provided them Modem and Router in a single device. But, there are some concerns about the slow connection of panoramic WiFi.

There may be various issues for slow panoramic WiFi, and some of them can even be due to the misplacement of WiFi Devices. So, here in the article, we will talk about whether panoramic WiFi is slow or not. Be with us till the end of knowing everything about it.

Is Panoramic WiFi Slow?

Modem Speed Test of Panoramic WiFi

If we talk about the speed test of Cox panoramic WiFi, then it does not seems to be bad enough that you may call it slow. After connecting the Cox panoramic modem to your laptop, you can test its speed quickly through any speed tester.

While we conducted the speed test, we noticed a 948 MB download speed and 37 MB surfing speed, which is quite useful if we compare it with other such internet providers available in the market.

The speed with Modem and without Modem Connection

But, the thing is that this speed was recorded after connecting the modem directly to your laptop. Now, there are some concerns about whether the speed will remain the same in all corners. So, the answer is that the speed will decrease when the modem is not directly attached.

Although panoramic WiFi claims that it is designed in a way that it will reach every corner of your house, the thing that you need to keep in mind is that the speed will inevitably vary when the modem is away from the device that you are using.

Is panoramic WiFi Slow?

If you hate to have a panoramic WiFi, then you are free to say that the panoramic WiFi is slow. But, if you will analyze it well, you will come to know that your panoramic WiFi speed depends on the range. In different words, the closer you are to the modem, the faster speed you will get. Although this is not a big issue, this thing contradicts the factor that the panoramic WiFi manufacturer says that this WiFi will reach every corner of your house.

There are certainly some issues with the panoramic WiFi, but it will not be to stamp that the panoramic WiFi is slow. The WiFi becomes slow when you are away, but that’s due to the range and possible it can be due to your laptop or a short-range mobile phone.


In conclusion, panoramic WiFi is not slow, but factors like the range make it slow. Though it is also not a good thing for this, we can say that the panoramic WiFi is slow. In the article, we have discussed in detail the factors that make your Panoramic WiFi slow. So, give a good read to the item, and you will be able to know perfectly about the speed of panoramic WiFi.

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