Why Am I Seeing Pace-Plc On My Network?

pace plc on my network
pace plc on my network

Internet connections are a crucial part of every space these days because it’s hard to imagine life without the internet. The internet technologies have become secure but some people still complain about “Pace PLC on my network.” Pace PLC is basically the company that makes set-top boxes and gateways. So, if it’s appearing on your network, you can read this article to know what it’s all about!

Pace-Plc On My Network

Are You Using Pace PLC Products?

Pace PLC is famous for developing the set-top boxes, software of broadband services, advanced residential gateways, and services for broadband and TV. That being said, if you have some of those products, it’s obvious why Pace PLC is appearing on the network. On the contrary, if you don’t have any Pace PLC products, you can consult the following points.

Port Scan

If you don’t have any Pace PLC products connected to your network, but it’s still appearing on the network, you can opt for the port scan. Port scanning will help the users check if the network ports are open. In particular, it will determine the specific ports of the host along with the response. In addition, it can help identify the ports, hosts, and IP address, so you can check the open server location.

The prime reason why the port scan is better is that it can be used for diagnosing the security levels. This is because such information will ensure that you get to close the open ports, so there is no unauthorized access to the network. So, just scan the ports and mask them to ensure no unauthorized devices can access your network.


If you still have Pace PLC on the network, you must change the password of your network. The new password will ensure that no unauthorized device has access to the network and there are no open ports. However, you must use a strong password to ensure the network security is not compromised. A strong password is the combination of letters, symbols, numbers, and characters. Also, you must keep changing the password after every few weeks, so no one can trespass the security walls.

Open Wireless Connection

While you are trying to make your network connection secure, you have to switch off the open wireless connection. This is because the open wireless connections lead to vulnerability in the network. To illustrate, it means that anyone can connect to your network and use your internet bandwidth. That being said, if you have an open wireless connection, it might be some unknown device. For deleting the unknown devices from the network, you have to add the password and ensure that the wireless connection is closed and secure.


If you have already changed the password and made a secure wireless connection, you have to select strong security standards. In particular, we suggest switching on the WPA2-AES security standard because it streamlines the security standards. In addition, it offers protection from unknown devices and cyber threats. These factors should resolve unauthorized access issues on the network.

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