Why Am I Seeing Mitsumi Electric On My Network?

mitsumi electric on my network
mitsumi electric on my network

Internet connections have become crucial for everyone, but the vulnerability keeps increasing. This is because the users are constantly complaining about the intruding devices, and “Mitsumi electric on my network” is one such issue. In this article, we have everything you need to know about this device appearing on the network!

Mitsumi Electric On My Network

Open Wireless Connection

You can be all philanthropic you want, but an open wireless connection is the last thing you want. This is because open wireless connections can cause network vulnerability. That being said, when the network is vulnerable, the intruding devices can appear on the network. For this reason, when you identify Mitsumi electric on the network, you need to disable the open wireless connection.

The open wireless connection means that anyone can connect to your network or Wi-Fi connection. That being said, you have to set up a strong password and transform the wireless connection into a closed network.


The users need to be extremely mindful of the password. This is because the password is responsible for protecting the network connection. However, while you are setting the password, you have to ensure that the password is strong. A strong password is created with a combination of letters, numerical values, characters, and symbols. When you change the password, the intruding devices will lose access to the Wi-Fi connection!

Security Protocol

When it comes down to ensuring high-end protection of the network, you have to choose the correct and strong security protocol. It is better to use the WPA2-PSK security protocol because it promises the highest standards of security. This security protocol will ensure that no unauthorized device can connect to the network. Similarly, Mitsumi electric won’t appear on the network.


In case you have already tweaked the security protocol and password on the network, you could try adding the antivirus program. This is because the antivirus program will help ensure that your device and network are safe from intrusions and interferences. You can use the antivirus program to ensure the network and device are protected. Also, you must use a high-quality antivirus program, so it works properly and offer better protection.

Ethernet Adapter

If you don’t want to install the antivirus program or it’s not working, there are chances that you have the ethernet adapter (the powerline ethernet adapter). These extra devices can appear as different names on your network. For this reason, if you have the powerline ethernet adapter, we suggest that you take it off and check your network again.


Reboot is a great choice when you are struggling with Mitsumi electric computer appearing on the network. This is because it can be caused by incorrect configurations, and reboot can delete such minor configurations. For this purpose, you have to switch off the router and wait for two to three minutes before switching it on. When the router switches on, check the connected device, and we are certain that Mitsumi electric won’t appear. In case the intruding devices are still appearing on the network, the last option is to call the internet service provider!

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