Liteon Technology Corporation On My Network

liteon technology corporation on my network
liteon technology corporation on my network

In case you are using the Wi-Fi connection, watching an unknown device connection seems pretty worrying. This is why some users are asking why “Liteon Technology Corporation on my network” appears with their Wi-Fi. For this reason, we have rounded up this article to help you check what it is and if it can be resolved!

Liteon Technology Corporation On My Network

To begin with, there are very fewer chances that Liteon Technology Corporation will invade the network connection. That’s to say, because it is only the manufacturer, so it might be any device on the network if it is using components from Liteon. In addition to this, there are chances that some intruder is breaking into the network. On the contrary, it happens when users change the wireless connection name or set up the WPA.

Banning The MAC Address

For people who are too paranoid about Liteon Technology Corporation appearing on the network, they can always ban the MAC address. Blocking the MAC address is different for every modem or router. Generally, you could try accessing the device management section of the control panel. In this tab, you will see the block button in front of the device that’s appearing as Liteon Technology Corporation. If a known device was portraying this name, the internet connectivity will be sorted.

Inclusion List

In addition to ensure high-end security and protection from intruding devices, users can opt for the inclusion list. With the inclusion list, the users can add the MAC addresses of the devices that are allowed to access the internet. Once you develop the inclusion list, no outsider device will be able to connect to the network. In simpler words, the network will not accept any other devices with different MAC addresses. If you go down this road, you will need to add the MAC address manually if you need to connect a new device to the network.

WPA2 Key

It’s pretty obvious that the majority of people are using wireless connections. However, there are higher chances of interferences which is why the WPA2 key is the optimal choice. So, you can also apply the WPA2 key security configuration. With this security setting, no external devices will wirelessly connect to the network. However, if Liteon Technology Corporation still appears on the network, it’s probably the hardware devices connected to the network.

Toggle Wi-Fi

The unauthorized Liteon Technology Corporation MAC address is surely frustrating. It sometimes happens to people with LG Chromebase because it has the Liteon MAC address. For this purpose, the users must toggle the Wi-Fi feature on the device. In particular, you must toggle the Wi-Fi feature from the settings rather than toggling the airplane mode. Once you toggle the Wi-Fi, Liteon Technology Corporation will disappear for sure.

Customer Support

If following the troubleshooting methods from this article aren’t helping with the removal of Liteon Technology Corporation on the network, you must call customer support. In particular, you need to call the internet service provider, and they will troubleshoot your network. As a result, Liteon Technology Corporation will disappear from the network!

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