4 Solutions To Orbi App Not Detecting Product

orbi app not detecting product
orbi app not detecting product

The Orbi app is a must-have for managing and monitoring your network. To make your network more manageable, you can manage your clients, router, troubleshoot, and so on. However, applications are susceptible to technical errors. It could be that your network is acting up rather than your application, but basic issues begin here.

Reinstalling the app usually resolves any connection issues, but if your Orbi app is not detecting products on your network, it could be due to a variety of factors. So, in this article, we will discuss some of the most common causes of this problem.

Fixing Orbi App Not Detecting Product

  1. Reinstall The Application:

Cache and junk files can corrupt your application. If you have been using the application for a long time, it may crash. Uninstalling the application helps to remove any errors and also updates the app to the most recent version. Go to your device’s settings and, in the app section, uninstall the app. The exact procedure may differ depending on the device, so a few searches can assist you. Next, ensure that any residual files are removed so that the app can be reinstalled without interruption. Download the most recent version from the app store.

  1. Power Cycle The Router:

If the Orbi app does not detect any clients, it does not recognize your network. This implies that the issue is with the network rather than the app. If the problem persists after successful reinstallation, try power cycling your Orbi router. Rebooting the router resolves connection issues and refreshes its IP address to pinpoint the location of a potential problem. It will also clean up your router’s memory, allowing it to operate more efficiently.

Turn off the router and unplug it from the power adapter. Check that your router is not connected to anything else. If this is the case, first disconnect them and then turn on the router. Wait a few seconds before inserting the adapter. Check to see if this fixes the problem.

  1. Connect Device To The Orbi Network:

This is an overlooked issue. The Orbi app will only recognize clients if they are connected to the same Netgear network. It will not be able to detect the Orbi router if it is connected to cellular data, which explains this behavior. It would be simpler to force the device to use Netgear Wi-Fi by temporarily turning off the cellular network. Ascertain that the device on which the app is running is linked to the Orbi network.

  1. Router Is Set To Access Point Mode:

If the Orbi router is set to AP mode, you may have trouble connecting to the product via the Orbi app. Although an AP mode allows you to connect to your clients, some router features are disabled. As a result, you never know where the problem is. Check to see if your router is configured in access point mode. Try returning it to router mode and seeing if that solves the problem.

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