4 Quick Solutions To Devices Not Connecting To Orbi Satellite

devices not connecting to orbi satellite
devices not connecting to orbi satellite

The Orbi series is worth mentioning when discussing NETGEAR’s fast and reliable broadband services. Because the NETGEAR Orbi is an all-in-one broadband solution, it extends your network coverage and optimizes your data speeds to a new level with its cable modem, mesh Wi-Fi routers, and Orbi satellites.

Having said that, Orbi satellites are commonly used by users to extend their Wi-Fi range and signal strength, but NETGEAR has been receiving reports of devices not connecting to the Orbi satellite in recent days. As a result, we’ll talk about how to solve the problem.

Devices Not Connecting To Orbi Satellite

1. Distance Of Your Devices:

The distance between your Orbi satellite and your devices could be one of the main reasons why they aren’t communicating. Because your Orbi satellite uses Tri-Band Wi-Fi technology, it can maintain a stronger connection than standard internet routers. However, the area that your Orbi satellite can cover is limited.

If your devices are too far from your Orbi satellite then you may not be able to connect your devices to the network. Even in some cases. Your devices connect, they will maintain a poor signal which would be the last thing a user would want. Therefore, try moving your devices closer to your Orbi satellite or move your satellite closer to your devices and let them connect.

2. Devices Are On Another Network:

Orbi satellite only connects to devices that are connected to the network that Orbi satellite is using. Check that all of your devices are connected to the same network as your satellite. If they are on a different network, it is possible that your satellite is not recognizing the devices and is having difficulty connecting to them. To check the network of your Orbi satellite, it will be displayed on the top of your device.

3. Try Force Connect:

If there is an issue in the network as well as the distance between the Orbi satellite and the device, then you do have the option to force connect your device to the Orbi satellite. For this, you need to.

  • Access the Orbi router’s web page by typing or Orbilogin.com in your address bar.
  • Log in to the page using your network credentials.
  • Next, go to the Satellite tab and choose the satellite with which you want to connect your device.

Note: you may have more than one satellite. Choose the one which is having the problem.

  • Navigate to the Device tab and choose the device you want your satellite to connect to.
  • Tap on the Settings option and select the Use this Satellite or Force Connect box.

4. Contact NETGEAR Customer Care:

If the issue persists after doing the above-mentioned steps, it is most likely that your Orbi satellite has an issue. You can contact NETGEAR support and request to send in a technician for further assistance.

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