Orbi App: We Can’t Find Your Orbi (5 Approaches To Fix)

orbi app we can't find your orbi
orbi app we can’t find your orbi

Orbi app has made network management extremely convenient. That’s because there is an Orbi app, with which you can monitor the internet connection and manage the connected devices. The best thing about the Orbi app is that it allows the users to use voice commands to make changes to the connection. However, if the app is unable to find the Orbi devices or satellite, we are sharing a few solutions!

Fixing Orbi App We Can’t Find Your Orbi

  1. Reboot

In various cases, minor technical glitches can result in significant issues and detection issue is one of them. For this reason, you have to reboot the Orbi network as it helps resolve the software and hardware-based glitches. As far as the reboot process is concerned, you have to unplug the device from the power source and wait for a few minutes before you plug it back in. Once the LED indicators on the Orbi stabilize, try to reconnect to the device again.

  1. AP Mode

If the reboot hasn’t worked, there are chances that the Orbi system is set in AP mode. If you aren’t sure if this is the issue, we recommend that you open the Orbi router login page, use your credentials to sign in, and open the advanced tab from the dashboard. When the advanced tab opens, scroll down to AP/router mode and see which mode has been enabled on the Orbi system. In case it’s set to the AP mode, you’ve to shift to the router mode to fix the detection issue.

  1. Connection

In case you have connected the smartphone to various wireless networks at a time, it can also lead to connectivity errors, including the detection issue. For this reason, we recommend that you disable the LTE connection on the smartphone and make sure the phone is only connected to the Orbi network. Once the cellular connection is turned off, open the Orbi app, and it will be able to detect the Orbi devices.

  1. App Update

Many people don’t realize this but the software version of the app can significantly impact the connection. For instance, if you are using an outdated app, it won’t be able to function properly or detect the devices. The solution is to open the app store on your smartphone and download the Orbi app update. In addition to this, we recommend that you turn on an auto-update feature to make sure the app is updated to the latest version on its own.

  1. Reset

If the issue is still there, the last resort is to reset the Orbi device because it might not have the correct configuration. So, the only solution is to revert to the default settings. So, to reset the system, you have to log in to the Orbi device and press the factory reset button in the advanced settings tab. Once the Orbi device has been reset, just configure it again by following the setup process guide. In case you need help with configuration, ask the customer support team to help you out!

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