Linksys Port Forwarding Not Working: 7 Ways To Fix

linksys port forwarding not working
linksys port forwarding not working

If you’ve been using and maintaining your wireless connection for a long time, you would how port forwarding is a crucial role. Port forwarding helps the users to allow the rules on the router. In addition, it helps the data pass through the router or gateway firewall. However, if you have Linksys port forwarding not working issue, we have the troubleshooting methods added below!

Linksys Port Forwarding Not Working

1) IP Address

When it comes down to the port forwarding techniques, one needs to use the public IP address. That’s to say because port forwarding will only work if you have set the public IP address. In addition, make sure the device you are forwarding to has a similar public IP address. On the contrary, you will need to ask the internet service provider for the public IP address in case your Linksys router doesn’t have the IP address already.

2) Bridging Mode

For everyone who is trying to port forward the Linksys router and failing, bridging mode is essential. This is because port forwarding only works with the bridge mode switched on. In addition, bridge mode will help connect two devices without causing adverse performance issues.

3) UPnP

While port forwarding the Linksys, keep in mind that disabling UPnP is likely to fix the issue. For disabling the UPnP, open the setup page of the Linksys router (the web-based one) and move to the administration tab. Usually, the UPnP settings are enabled by default, but you can always disable it if port forwarding doesn’t work with UPnP enabled.

4) Reboot

To be honest, the consistent functionality of the Linksys router will lead to heat-up, and it might result in port forwarding issues. If that’s the case, just remove the power cord from the router and let your router rest for a few minutes (we suggest two to three minutes). After that, insert the power cord again, and it will refresh the signals.

5) Reset

The port forwarding might not be working because of incorrect configuration settings on the router. So, it’s best that you reset the Linksys router by pressing the reset button on the router. You might need to use the needle or paperclip for pressing this button since it’s pretty small. When the router resets, it will delete the settings, and you will need to reconfigure the settings again.

6) Local Port Field

There are some basic mistakes that can lead to port forwarding issues, and one of them is the local port field. This is because you need to double click the local port and make sure the local port field is empty. When the local port field goes blank, the incoming data packets will be redirected to ports. This is a preferred method when users are using a similar port range.

7) New Port Forward

If port forwarding is not working on Linksys router, it’s suggested that you add the new port forward. This is because adding the new port forward will allow the users to set up the services on networks, along with servers. Also, before you add the new port forwards, don’t forget to assign the correct IP address.

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