3 Best GVJack Alternatives (Similar To GVJack)

gvjack alternatives
gvjack alternatives

Google Voice has become one of the top choices for everyone who needs internet-based calls and communication. Some people would use the Magic Jack Dongle for calling and GVJack would allow the users to reuse the old dongles.

As a result, people would get a landline experience. However, if GVJack is not available for you, we have outlined GVJack alternative options for you!

GVJack Alternatives

1) 3CX Phone System

The first alternative is the software-based PBX-based on the session initiation protocol standard. This is responsible for enabling the extension for making calls through the public switched telephone network. In addition, it can enable the calls for VoIP services. This is actually an IP Business phone system that’s supportive to soft and hard phones, PSTN phone lines, and more.

This software is famous for the open-standard configuration. The best thing about this software is the easy management and streamlined configuration. The best thing about 3CX Phone System is the higher hardware compatibility since it can work with Windows as well as Linux. In addition to the calling features, there are presence, video conferencing, and voicemail services, alone with chat and web client.

As far as the PBX is concerned, it is managed through the softphones and management consoles for Windows users. Even more, 3CX Phone System is designed to offer unified communications, such as fax to email, voicemail to email, call and video conferencing, along with CRM integration. This software is actually suitable for remote working.

Above all, the software is extremely easy to install and manage. In addition, it is highly secure, flexible, and reliable. There are smartphone apps available as well, and users can access remote assistance and presentation tools. Last but not the least, 3CX Phone System has an extremely easy interface with which management will become pretty convenient.

2) Voicent BroadcastByPhone Autodialer

This is a VoIP auto-dialer that’s been designed to use the PC for phone voice broadcasting. The software is a prime choice for telemarketing, event reminders, events notifications, marketing, and lead generation. The availability of the spreadsheet interface allows the users to import or create the phone list without any issue and is extremely easy to use.

To begin with, the users can record the message in the audio format and utilize the built-in calendars for setting the calling time. Voicent is designed to offer remote access. As far as calls are concerned, Voicent can make the calls automatically and display the call status. The sheet is constantly and automatically updated.

There are various editions, and one of them is the professional edition. So, this edition has a feature to use the text-to-speech engine and message designer for playing the messages. As for the call recipients, they can have interactive responses with the RSVP feature. Also, the users can replay the messages through voice commands or auto-try if the call fails or if the line is busy.

All in all, Voicent is pretty easy to use and download. For this software, the users need a PC with the Windows operating system, along with the voice modem or SIP service.

3) SMS Flirt Blaster

For everyone who is still looking for an alternative, SMS Flirt Blaster is the free SM Desktop tool. The software is available in English and German language. To begin with, the users can send the normal SMS with 160 characters without the advertising, while the longer SMS can be divided into nine parts. The users can send picture messages, and a wide range of ringtones are available.

There is a phonebook that’s the ability to outline the duplicates. With this being said, the users can also import the blaster database and text files. There are various personalized sending options, and the users can keep track of sent messages, along with documentation and tracking. It has been integrated with the mini browser for people to watch the logo collection.

With SMS Flirt Blaster, the users will have a detailed explanation of the message delivery and filter options. As far as the sending time is concerned, the throughput is pretty efficient as it can send around fifteen SMS within a second. The best part is that there is no need for additional hardware; all you need is an internet connection.

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