Netgear CM400 Ethernet Light Orange: 5 Ways To Fix

netgear cm400 ethernet light orange
netgear cm400 ethernet light orange

In case you are a fan of wireless connection, we are pretty sure that you would be in love with the Netgear equipment because it streamlines the internet connection. But again, nothing is perfect and neither is the modem. So, if the Netgear CM400 ethernet light orange is adversely impacting the internet usage, you can easily fix it by the troubleshooting methods given below!

Netgear CM400 Ethernet Light Orange – What Does It Mean?

So, if you are using the Netgear CM400 and the orange ethernet light is bugging you since you don’t know what it means, we are here. So, it means that you are getting the internet speed slower than the router supports. This issue can be fixed through the following methods;

1) Firmware

When it comes down to the Netgear equipment, they tend to release updates regularly that helps fix the performance issue, while promising high-end security. So, if the firmware is outdated, it can lead to an orange ethernet light. With this being said, we suggest that you download the latest router firmware.

The router’s firmware can be accessed on the official Netgear account. The update will be available on the dashboard. However, once you click on the install button, all you need to do is follow the on-screen prompts and the orange light issue will be fixed.

2) Connection 

In case the router is unable to connect with the modem or cable, whichever equipment you are using, the ethernet light tends to go orange. With this being said, you need to make sure that all the devices are properly connected. For instance, you can connect the modem and router and make sure the cables are properly plugged in. Also, the cables must be secure and tight.

3) Cables

If there is no connection issue, it’s highly likely that the ethernet cable has gone bad. Consequently, you can try replacing the frayed and damaged ethernet cables with the new cable. In addition to a proper ethernet cable, you need to ensure that cables are properly plugged in because the loose cables can result in the orange light. So, do check the cables!

4) Power Supply 

In addition to the cables and connections, the power supply issues can also result in the orange ethernet light. This is because if the Netgear CM400 is unable to receive the power signals, it will lead to orange lights. With this being said, you need to ensure that the power socket is properly functional, so the router gets proper signals.

5) Web Address

If you used the wrong web address during the router setup, it will lead to orange ethernet light. If you want to fix this issue, you need to login into the router by using the IP address of the router. Once the login page opens up, it will share the on-screen prompts for proper setup. After the completion of the setup, the web address issue will be resolved. However, once you set up the router, do reboot it to ensure it can install the settings completely.

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