NVG589 vs NVG599: What’s The Difference?

nvg589 vs nvg599
nvg589 vs nvg599

Arris is one of the largest brands out there that are manufacturing the communication equipment. The equipment includes all sorts of networking routers, modems and other critical parts such as switches, connectors and more. Arris is known for their durability, efficiency and to top it all affordability. That is one of the main reasons that these routers from Arris are being used by a wide number of ISPs and other service providers for their subscribers as a part of their subscription packages. These routers and modems are built to last and possess all the right features that one might need to get the job done.

NVG589 vs NVG599

NVG 589 and NVG 599 are two such models from the Frontier Series manufactured by Arris that are quite popular and are being used at a really wide scale. They are both pretty good, but have some slight differences that might mean something to you as a consumer. A few key features and differences that you should be knowing about them both if you are looking to compare them or want to choose between the two are:

Arris NVG 589

Arris NVG 589 is the earlier version that is a router/modem with Wi-Fi compatibility and 4 ethernet ports on the back to ensure ethernet connectivity for the wired devices as well. The best thing is that this is the router suitable for all those subscriptions that are offering all the services under a single subscription. The router has a DSL line, phone line port and a cable line port on it as well, so you can not only get the right Internet services, but can also enjoy a pretty seamless experience with the other services as well such as telephone, and the Cable TV subscription.

Speaking of all that, the router comes loaded with a wide range of features and the best one among them is the battery. It got a replaceable Li-ion battery so that you don’t have to lose the internet connectivity if your power is down and you can have a seamless experience with your internet connectivity. Moving forward, there is a lot more to help you having the best advantage of your Internet connection. To start there, the router comes with 2 integrated omni-directional antennas for providing a stable Wi-Fi connectivity and to ensure a strong coverage on larger geographical area. In addition to that, the router also supports IPv6.

You might have to compromise a little bit on the frequency as the router supports 2.4 GHz only, so this might not be the best thing for you if you want to run your devices on 5 GHz or if you have a thing for online gaming and extensive internet needs.

Arris NVG 599

Arris NVG 599 is the latest model of the series so you can definitely expect to have some upgrades on it. The options are pretty much the same when it comes to the mechanism, and it does have a battery pack to save you from getting disconnected in case of any power failure that might come your way. In addition to that, there are also a few more things that you should know about in particular.

The router has all sorts of port on the back, including 4 ethernet ports, DSL, and coaxial port so it can support your multi-service subscription. But a USB port is a plus and that can be used either for some wireless connectivity with the dongle or to manually update or rollback the router firmware if needed. The router is a gigabit ethernet router and it can easily handle the speed up to 1600 Mbps that is quite an improvement from the earlier version. Moving forward, it has multiple Wi-Fi standards support embedded on it, so no matter what device you might be using, it will be easily able to connect with your router and provide you with the internet coverage that you can possibly need.

The best thing that would make it worth upgrading is that the router doesn’t only support both IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity, but there is a lot more to it. It can support both 2.4 and 5 GHz frequency bands for the Wi-Fi simultaneously so you can have the best possible speed and stability on the network that you are using.

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